Lessons on Women of the Bible for Toddlers

Sarah, Deborah,Esther, Mary….the Bible is full of ladies of power and wisdom, and have so much to teach us and our littles. Here are the ways our family has explored the stories of these strong women. (Click on the picture to details on each lesson).

Sarah: A Devotion on Waiting

Sarah waited a long time to have a baby. With the help of Sarah and some cookies we learned about patience.

Rebekah: A Devotion Practicing Pouring Skills

Rebekah watered 10 camels. That’s ALOT of pouring. We worked on our hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills in this devotion.

Rahab: A Devotion on Doing What’s Right

Rahab disobeyed the king of Jericho by hiding the spies, and it ended up being the right thing. In this devotion we learned about this strong lady who broke the rules and ended up in the genealogy of Jesus.

Deborah: A Devotion on Leadership

Deborah was a known prophetess in her time, and also the leader. In this devotion we learned that girls can be brave leaders too.

Ruth: A Devotion on Kindness

Ruth was kind to Naomi, and in return Boaz was kind to her. In this Devotion we learned how we can be kind to others.

Hannah: A Devotion on Prayer

Hannah prayed and prayed, and God answered her prayer. In this devotion we learned that God listens, and we can pray no matter how young we are.

Abigail: A Devotion on Sharing

Abigail was a wise woman who shared what she had, and made peace. In this devotion we learned that we can be like Abigail by sharing what we have.

Esther: A Devotion on God’s Provision

Esther was used by God to save her people. God knew that his chosen people would be in danger, so he set a plan in place to save them. In this devotion we learned that God is taking care of us, even in ways we don’t see.

Anna: A Devotion on Knowing Jesus

Anna was a woman who lived in the temple and loved God. That’s why when she saw baby Jesus she knew exactly who he was. In this lesson we learned that we can know Jesus too.

Mary and Martha: A Devotion on Opposites

Mary and Martha were two sisters that were very different. Some may even say they were opposites. In this devotion we explored their story by playing with opposites.


In this story we learned about a woman who took care of those around her, and when she died God raised her from the dead! Free Printable Threading Boards

Who is your favorite woman of the Bible? Comment Below!

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