Sarah: A Toddler Devotion on Waiting

Sarah was the wife of Abraham, and she waited and waited for a baby. In a time where a woman’s value came from her ability to bear children, this promise of a child probably felt more long-awaited than for anyone. So kicking-off with our “Girl Power” week, we talked about our mother of faith. Here’s what we did:

Baking Cookies

We baked cookies! There is nothing like waiting for cookies to bake… and then cool so you can finally eat one! So we baked some cookies.

Abe and the Amazing Promise

While we waited for our cookies, we watched Veggie Tale’s Abe and the Amazing Promise. In this episode Jr. Asparagus is waiting for his own cookies, and while he waits he learns about the patience of Abraham and Sarah as they waited for God to fulfill his promise.

Cookie Time!

Finally, after the episode, we enjoyed our cookies, and talked about how good it is to enjoy something after you have waited so long for it.

How did this devotion work for your littles? Comment below!

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