Pray n’ Play: The Global Church

Something our family is passionate about is learning about and praying for the the Global Church. When we see how our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world worship, it helps us have a more expansive view of God, and who he is!

Learning about believers and Churches in other countries also better equips us to come alongside them in prayer and financial resources. And it better enables us to love our immigrant neighbors well, because when our children are exposed to other cultures and languages, they are less likely to (unintentionally) say harmful things when meeting new friends who may live a little different.

This passion and how we do has evolved as we’ve learned and grown. Also the way we share this journey. Now we are starting to produce simple FREE resources to help you also Pray n’ Play for the Global Church.

Each free printable resources features:

  • Facts about Christians and Christianity in that country.
  • Tiny biographies about notable Christians from that country.
  • Qr codes linked to language exposure activities and spotify playlists of worship leaders from those countries.
  • Recipes and hands on activities.
  • Ways to pray and suggested organizations and Churches to support.

Come Pray n’ Play with us. Explore the booklets below, and visit our World Love Wednesday series for more ideas on how ti Pray n’ Play for the Global Church with littles.

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