Whenever we reach a story about a woman in the Bible I get so excited to play through the story with my girls. And if there is any woman in the Bible I hope my girls grow to be like it’s Tabitha. She was a woman who used what she had to love her neighbors well. When she passed away, her neighbors mourned her, showing Peter the clothes she had made for them while they were in need. But their weeping was cut short when God raised her from the dead for his glory.

Here’s how we played through this story:


Acts 9: 36-43


Dear God,

Thank you for the example Tabitha set for us in loving our neighbors. Thank you for raising her back to life for your glory. Help us to love our neighbors with what we have.



To play through this Bible story we played with threading boards to remember how Tabitha made clothes for those in need. We made ours from construction paper. But I have a FREE printable you can download and print on index paper.

Download Tabitha’s Clothes Threading Boards

While we played, we listened to this ‘Tabita’ by Cojunto Encanto de Fe.

How have you played through the story of Tabitha? Comment below!

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