Rebekah: A Toddler Devotion Practicing Pouring Skills

Rebecca was God’s choice for Issac’s bride. And what was the sign? She poured water for a man she had never met, and his 10 camels! Guys, I’ve never watered camels, but I have read they drink a lot, so I imagine this was a lot of work. And this element of the story created a great play activity for our devotions. Here’s how we played through this story:

Rebecca Watered the Camels

First we read the story of Abraham sending his servant to find Isaac a wife. The servant prayed God would send a sign of who that woman should be. The sign was that when asked for a cup of water, the woman would also offer to water the 10 camels. Rebecca did just that and was chosen to be Isaac’s bride.

Pouring Water

We don’t have camels to water, but we did have some cups to pour water into. If I would have been thinking, I would have made sure we had 10 cups (like 10 camels). But we didn’t m, so we just counted to 5. I simply laid the cups out on our balcony with a mixing bowl full of water and a toy pitcher. Then I encouraged Vale to pour water into the cups, like Rebecca poured water for the camels.

Super simple, but worked on pouring, transferring, and kept us cool in the heat. Naomi got in on the fun too!

What did your kids think of this activity? Comment below!

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