Abigail: A Toddler Devotion on Sharing

The Story of Abigail

The story of Abigail isn’t necessarily one that is commonly talked about with preschoolers. However, I did find 1 book that shares this story. Little Big Heroes: Abigail is available on Google Play. It shares the story with captivating pictures, and since it’s on my phone, I can take it with us anywhere. Though I don’t normally let my toddler read on my phone, it is nice to have books in my phone if we are in a bind and needing a quick distraction.

Practicing Sharing

Main themes in this story are kindness, wisdom, sharing, and thinking of others. These are all social skills. Which also happens to be something that all littles are working on. So why not practice them? We decided to hit up a toddler event in the area where I knew we would run into other kids and have to practice our social skills. Another way you could practice is simply setting up a play date. I don’t know about anyone else’s toddler, but mine does not like to share, but the more we get together with friends, the more opportunity we have to practice.


For older children and preschoolers you could work on the idea of think of others by volunteering. Here is a list of volunteer opportunities even preschoolers can participate in: 5 Volunteer Opportunities for Preschoolers.


Finally, we read The Berenstein Bears Learn to Share, also available on Google Play. And we watched Daniel Tiger: Daniel Shares His Tigertasic Car. We love Daniel Tiger, because it shows littles appropriate social skills, and equips parents to help their children navigate difficult social situations.

Have you played through the story of Abigail with your child? What resources did you use? Comment Below!

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