Ruth: A Toddler Devotion on Kindness

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Ruth is a story of kindness. Ruth, under no legal obligation, travelled with her mother-in-law to a foreign country to care for her. In return, Boaz had kindness for Ruth and made sure Rutg and Naomi were cared for, and eventually even married Ruth. This is how we played through this story.

The Story of Ruth

We read the story of Rutg in our baby Bible, but we also watched Veggie Tales’ Duke and the Great Pie War. I like the way they contextualize this story for littles, and bring up elements of the story that are rarely talked about in Bible Storybooks.

Sensory Bottle

Just like Ruth was kind to Naomi, we decided to do something kind for our Naomi. We made her a sensory bottle.

Ruth collected grain to feed her and Naomi. So we “collected” popcorn kernels in an empty plastic water bottle. Since this is a story that takes place during harvest time, we Al’s added some faux fall leaves.

My original plan was to have Vale use a spoon and funnel to pour popcorn into the bottle. This works on scooping, pouring, and transferring skills. However, Vale decided to skip the funnel and just use her hands. This works the pincher grasp, which is essential for future pencil holding.

Sensory bottles are great tools for little babies, because it gives them the opportunity to interact with materials that otherwise would be choking hazards.

For Parents

If you’re looking to grow with your child while playing through this story, check out The Bible Binge: Season 1, Episode 5. This episode is all about Ruth. Listen to it after the kids go to bed or are napping, as this is not a toddler-friendly episode (The Bible really isn’t G-rated). I love The Bible Binge, because it’s a refreshing way to get into the Bible when the day has been long, and I have no idea where to open my Bible, muchless energy to think critically (we’ve all been there). It doesn’t usually replace my weekly Bible reading, but it is a fun way to experience the Bible, as well as get in a good laugh, and remind myself I am an adult and don’t just have to listen to Daniel Tiger all day. Some Moms put there kids to bed and drink wine. I put my kids to bed and listen to The Bible Binge. Check them out, they’re a lot of fun.

How have you explored the story of Ruth with your littles? What sensory bottles have you used with your littles? Comment below.

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