About Me

Our Family

We’re a family of four with a heart to raise bilingual, Jesus-loving babies. I’m Kayla, a stay at home mom, just trying to make the most of motherhood and these little years. I’m your everyday toddler wrangler, tiny baby soother, and coffee enthusiast. My wonderful husband, Fabian, is from Mexico, so we can also add Spanglish living to one of the many beautiful things about our home. We have 2 babies, Valentina (Vale) and Naomi. Every day is filled with new adventures and we’re here to share that with you.

What Are Baby Devotions?

Baby Devotions was grown out of the desire to cultivate meaningful invitations to play that would plant seeds of faith as well as develop skills our babies would need as they head off to school. I originally started posting our weekly activities to social media to hold myself accountable, but with the encouragement of several friends it grew into a full-fledged blog. Every week we explore the Bible through sensory play and skill-building activities. We never force learning to happen, we just set the invitation and let them take the lead. Exploring the Bible through daily playtimes, not only helps develop a habit of reading Gods word. It communicates to our kiddos that the Bible is for them, and they can engage with it. It also, gives us, as parents, an opportunity to meditate on God’s word for ourselves, and communicate the Gospel to our children through our actions. When we get down on our child’s level to be with them, we show the love God had for us when he “it became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14).

The Activities We Do

The activities we do are crafted to develop skills while planting seeds in the hearts of our kiddos. I don’t have an education degree, but I was raised around homeschool moms, and as an adult a lot of my friends are homeschool moms and early childhood educators. They are my inspiration. When I see the activities they are doing with their kids and students, I look for ways I can tie them into Bible stories. If we are going to be doing these activities anyway, why not use them as an opportunity to pass on our faith?

The Resources We Recommend

We want to share the tools we love and have been helpful in engaging our kids with Gods word. From books to podcasts, we have found a lot of things that we love. Since one of our priorities is to raise bilinguals, I am always on the look for Spanish resources, and I share those too! We are not a screen-free family, but we do have a family media plan.* So we also share movies and videos that we have found useful in our family faith journey.

*You can read more about the American Academy of Pediatrics screen-time recommendations here: Screen-time Recommendations For Children Under 2

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