Hannah: A Toddler Devotion on Prayer

Hannah was a woman who prayed and prayed for a baby. It got to the point where the priests thought she was drunk, and tried to send her home. But when Eli, the priest, heard her prayer, he knew the Lord would answer. And he did! Hannah gave birth to a baby boy that would grow to be the greatest prophet of his time. This is how we played through this story.

The Story of Hannah

We read the story of Hannah. We read it in our Baby Bible, and we also read it our Bible Belle story of Hannah: La Bella de la Plegaria (English: Hannah: The Belle of Prayer). This book is definitely for older preschoolers on up. I bought it knowing that, but also knowing sometimes the ages are a little flexible. This book series is definitely for 4 on up. However, we still had fun looking at the pictures, and looking at the story of Hannah, I was able to briefly describe what was going on in the pictures and tell the story of Hannah. I love the Bible Belles, because they are retelling stories of women in the Bible for little girls. This gives them stories they can relate and look up to. Also, this will be a great resource once Vale and Naomi are ready to start reading (not just pre-reading.


For this story we kept it super simple, and we just prayed. That is what this story is all about: God hears our prayers. We started praying with Vale at meal times from the first time she could sit in a high chair. This lead to us letting her pray, and now she even leads her little stuffed animals in prayer when “making food for them.”

Most of her prayers are simple prayers of thanks (i.e. “Jesus thanks for waffles, and baby Naomi, and Daniel Tiger. Amen”). This week we worked on praying for needs. We have some friends that are sick, so we looked at pictures of them and prayed for healing. We also have some missionary friends living over seas, so we looked at their pictures and prayed God would bless them.

What tools have you used to teach your child to pray? What did your child think of Hannah’s story? Comment below.

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