Toddler Devotions on Healing

The healing miracles of Jesus are some of the most fascinating in scripture. They show the impossible made possible, and show the heart of God the father for his creation. The following devotions are how we explored these stories.

The Centurian

In this devotion we saw a Centurian’s faith surpass that of anyone Jesus had ever met. And we see Jesus had the power to heal someone that had never even met him. We built our own faith by praying for family and friends that are sick.

The Great Physician

We learned that Jesus is the great physician when he healed a paralyzed man. He forgave his sins, and healed his body. He can heal our bodies and souls. We played through this story by playing with a doctor’s kit, and included an adaptation for younger babies.

The Blind Man

In this story we see Jesus heal a blind man by rubbing mud on his eyes. We learned that God works a lot differently than our minds can comprehend.

Jarius’ Daughter

In this story we see Jesus perform two miracles. He heals a woman with a blood disorder, on the way to raise a little girl from the dead. We learned that Jesus can heal every illness.


In this story we see Jesus really loves us. We see him cry when he learns his friend Lazarus has died, but then raise Lazarus from the dead. He then prophesies how he will rise from the dead, and heal humanity.

The 10 Lepers

Using fine-motor and math skills, we learned that we can be thankful to God for all the blessings in our lives.

Jesus Heals a Man Who Came Through the Roof

In this story we have a little small-world play that teaches us about some men who wanted their friend to meet Jesus. However, finding no way in to they house, they lowered him down through the roof. Jesus healed the man who came through the roof.

What is your favorite story of Jesus’ healing? Have you seen or experienced a healing miracle in your own life? Share Below!

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