Jesus Heals A Paralyzed Man

Jesus is the great physician. When a paralyzed man was brought to him, he not only healed his body, but forgave his sins. He healed his body and soul.

The Story

Today we read the story where a paralyzed man is lowered through a roof to be healed by Jesus. Jesus first forgives his sins, and then heals him (Luke 5: 17-39.

Doctor Dress-Up

Jesus is the great physician. So we played with our toy doctor kit. We used it for two different acticities:

Take-Out Play

For Naomi (6 months) I put all of the doctor equipment in a basket for her to take out and explore.

Dramatic Play

For Vale (2 years-old) I just let her play doctor. She had fun taking Mommy’a temperature, listening to Naomi’s heart, and putting bandaids on all of her baby dolls

Does your little like to play dress-up? What other ways could you use dramatic play to introduce the Bible? Comment Below!

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