The Man Who Came Through the Roof

Luke 5:17-39 describes the the story of a man who was lowered through the roof a a home to be healed by Jesus. I was assigned to teach this lesson in Vale’s Sunday school class, and I just knew this story would make a fun real-world play. (Who else knows you need some good visual aids when you’re teaching a band of toddlers?)

So I snagged a cardboard box and got my creative juices flowing to help them really see the story. Really guys, it is amazing what you can build with random recyclables around your house! Here’s what we did:

The Man Lowered Through The Roof

What you need:

-A cardboard box

-2 Small toys (we used wooden peg people)


-Small piece of cardboard or posterboard.

What you do:

1. Set the box on it’s side to make it into “the house Jesus was visiting.”

2. Cut a small hole in the roof. Place the cardboard piece you cut out back in the hole until you are ready to tell the story.

3. Take the small piece of card board and attach string to all 4 corners to make the mat.

4. Tape one small toy to the mat to be the man Jesus healed and the other toy in the house to represent Jesus.

Telling the Story:

Explain to the children that Jesus one day went to a house that was very full of people. Everyone wanted to hear him teach. There was was a man would could not walk and had to lay in bed all day. His friends took him to Jesus to see if Jesus would heal him. However, there was no room to get into the house…so they took him up to the roof.

Have children yell “up!” To help get the man on the roof (pull man up to the roof). They cut a hole in the roof (push the cardboard cut-out through the hole).

Then the friends lowered the man down to Jesus. Have the children yell “down!” (lower the man through the hole).

Jesus told the man “Get up and walk.” And he did! (Take the man off the mat and have him carry it ‘home.’

Focus words:

Up: The man and his friends went up to the roof

Down: the man was lowered down to Jesus

Heal: Jesus healed the man.


Something that both littles, and us adults, can take away from this story is that Jesus has the power to heal. He is the healer of bodies, and Luke 5:20 declares he is the healer of souls. We can have hope in Christ that he is in the work of restoring all things to how they should be.

What creative ways have you used to share this story with littles? Comment below!

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  1. Thank you very much! This is awesome!

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