The Ten Lepers

In Luke 17: 11-19 Jesus meets ten lepers who ask him to heal them. He sends them to the priests, and on the way they were all healed. However, only one came back to thank him.

To play with this story, we practiced counting, worked on fine motor skills, and learned that we can thank God when he answers prayer.

The Ten Lepers

After reading the story from our storybook Bible, we put our storytelling skills to work.

What you need:

  • 10 Clothespins
  • Fine tip marker
  • Small container (box, bowl, basket, etc.)

Before playtime I drew faces and numbers 1-10 on the clothespins using a fine tip marker. Then I clipped them on to the edge of the box. Then we told the story.

  • “Jesus met 10 lepers” (we point and counted the clothespin lepers).
  • “They asked Jesus to heal them, and he told them to go see the priests.”
  • “They went.”(Have your toddler pull the clothes pins off the box).
  • “On their way they saw they were healed. However, only one came back to thank him.” (Have your child clip 1 clothes pin back onto the edge of the box).

The skills

When we were done playing, I simply left the box and clothes pins out for the girls to keep playing with. Vale kept on counting the clothes pins (working on her math skills) and pinching the the clothes pins on and off the box works on fine-motor skills.

What ways did you adapt this lesson for your littles? Comment below!

Free Devotional!

“The Ten Lepers” is one of the stories featured in the Free “Thankful Heart” Devotional. Find more simple ways to discuss thankfulness with your child.

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