The Geneology of Jesus

When reading the Bible, the genealogy least probably aren’t what we think of when we think of good preschool reading. Even as adults, sometimes it can be hard to see the point of those big lists. However, the genealogy of Jesus paints a beautiful picture of God’s big plan for his people. He shows us that God was in the work, and that he often chose imperfect people to be apart of his greatest work. Here is how we’ve played through that big long list.

The Call of Abraham

God asked Abraham to leave his family and follow him without knowing where he was leading. In this devotion we practiced our pre-writing skills, and learned about following God.


God had Sarah and Abraham wait a long time to see their promise fulfilled. In this devotion we learned that following God is always worth the wait.


Rebekah was brought into the genealogy of Christ when she poured water for 10 camels. We practiced our fine-motor skills as we learned about this woman of faith.


Rahab what a girl who broke the rules. And in this story it turned out to be the right thing. In this story we learned about this heroine of faith that helped the Israelites enter the promised land.


Ruth was kind. She was kind when she traveled with Naomi. She was kind when she took care of Naomi in a strange land. Boaz was kind when he took care Ruth and Naomi. This is a beautiful story of taking care of family.


David is the warrior king of the Bible who was also a man after God’s own heart. In this story we learn how he saved the Israelites from the Philistines.

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