Abraham Finds a New Home: A Toddler Devotion on Following God

God called Abraham to a new land. This was the beginning of his relationship with Abraham, the father of nations. This week we helped Abraham move to the land God called him.

The Story

We read the story of God calling Abraham in The Beginner’s Bible (Spanish: La Biblia Para Principiantes). This is where Abraham, Sarah, and Lot move and God blesses Abraham and gives him a prosperous land (The story summarizes Genesis 12-13).

The Move

For an activity we helped Abraham move. This activity was inspired by Days With Grey. It works best with children over 2. If it’s your first time doing an activity like this, or your child is closer to 2 than 3, this may be a more parent-involved activity until they get the hang of it. But the benefits of this activity are so worth it.

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Black marker
  • Milk jug caps (you could also use pom poms, counters, toy cars, stickers, legos, etc.)

1. Draw lines.

First I drew some lines leading to a house on a piece of paper

2. Use milk jug caps to follow lines.

Line up the milk jug caps (or pwereferred material) to cover lines and create a path to the houses.

3. Have dolls follow path (optional).

As soon as we were done, Vale grabbed her Koalas and had them follow the path home.


This activity is awesome, because it works on

  • Fine motor skills: picking up and lining up milk jugs
  • Math: Spacial awareness and lines are geometry
  • Pre writing: working from left to right tracing lines.

How did this devotion work for your littles? Comment Below!

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