25+ Beautiful Gifts Preschoolers Can Make

The season of giving is upon us! And though it may be easier to just take our littles to the store and let them pick out stuff for friends and family, it can sometimes add a little more meaning to let our little ones use their hands to make something from the heart. Here is a round up of my favorite gifts preschoolers can make with minimum assistance. I have either actually made most of these items with my own preschoolers, or have seen other moms of preschoolers making these items with their littles.  Most of the items are incredibly useful, and are sure to be cherished as they came from your little one.

1. Bees wax candles

Bees wax candles are one of the simplest (yet functional) crafts for preschoolers. Simply measure the wick to fit the wax.leaving a little hanging over the edge to burn. Then roll the wick up.

2. Candle holders

Anyone else have a small collection of French yogurt jars sitting around? On occasion I like to treat myself and feel fancy, so we’ll pick up a pack, which has lead to a small collection. Luckily these jars are perfect for crafts! Including these pretty pressed flower candle holders. All you need is to press the flowers, and then modge podge. For tips, check out :How to Modge Podge pressed flowers onto glass surface

3. Hand- Stamped Tea Towels

This craft is so so simple, and turns out gorgeous. Simply dip a cookie cutter into paint, and stamp. We’ve done this one a few times, and all of the towels have turned out gorgeous.

4. Hand Stamped Tote Bags

This uses the exact same technique as the tea towels. Simply dip and print.

5. Drop Cloth Picnic Blanket

We have not tried this one, but it’s the same as stamping the tea towels, or a canvas bag, but on a larger scale to make a picnic blanket. This would make the perfect gift for the outdoorsy person in your life. Click the link above for instructions and to see the beautiful results.

6. Pretty Painted Kitchen Utensils

I was so hesitant to make these with my 3 year-old, but they turned out better than I imagined. Could be paired with a soup mix for a little gift basket.

7. Clay bowls/pinch pots

These little pots have been super sweet to have on our shelf. Any grandparent I’m sure would love to recieve a little pinch pot made by their favorite preschooler.

8. Stamped Clay Bowls

Similar to making pinch pots, help your little one make sure their creation is smooth (or you can do the shaping yourself), and then let them use rubber stamps to print on the inside. Perfect for little ones that are already masters of playing with stamps and playdough.

9. Refrigerator Magnets

Turn old art projects into keepsake magnets, using magnets and glass rocks.

11. Salt Dough Ornaments

This is a classic Christmas craft, and the perfect project for the little playdough enthusiast. Whip up some salt dough, then let them flatten and make shapes using cookie cutters. Bake until dry. Then you can decorate, or leave white for a more classic feel. I’ve also seen adding cinnamon or peppermint to the dough to give it a holiday scent that will last for years to come.

10. Rock Photo Holders

My little one LOVES to paint rocks. This is such a fun way to turn some of her creations into sweet decor, and memory keeping.

12. Simple Wood Working Projects

We have LOVED Home Depot’s Kids’s Workshops and Wood working kits. Recently, I discovered some other stores have branched out into offering kids wood working kits. We picked this bird house out at our local dollar store. Most of these kits only require wood glue, and are perfect  beginner projects for those interested in carpentry. Preschoolers may need assistance in assembling their projects. But tasks they can do independently are: sanding, staining, and sealing.

13. Rice Heat Packs

I LOVE Rice heat packs. They are such a gift for strained muscles and postpartum bellies. And with a little assistance, are a craft preschoolers can totally make. Get a large tube sock, and have your little one fill it full of rice. I have found stretching the opening of the tube sock over a large Mason jar can be helpful. Also you can add essential oils to the rice for some aroma therapy. Then you can either tie a knot to seal the rice, or sew it clothed.

14. Bath Bombs

When I first made bath bombs with littles, I was surprised at how easy they were. Last year we made quite a few mini ones and shared them with church friends, and friends around the neighborhood. For extra fun, you can even add a surprise inside.

15. Bath salts

If bathbombs feel like too much work, try bath salts. Have your little one measure and pour therapeutic salts into a bowl, carefully drop some essential oils into the batch(you may want to supervise). Mix, and then have your little one scoop and poor into glass jars.

16. Essential oil roller blends

This is one you will definitely want to supervise and sit with your little one as they do. But they are fully capable. My kids LOVE making essential oil roller blends, and this can be a great project for kids with oily mamas. Let them pour a few drops of each oil into the roller bottle and then parents top-off with a carrier oil. Here are some fantastic blends that any oily friend or family member would appreciate receiving from their favorite preschooler: Amazing Roller Blend Recipes

17. Stove-Top Potpourri

Rachel Schelb from ‘Love Well on Purpose’ was the first person I saw share about these. They are a simple way to spread love, not germs at the holidays. And it will makes homes smell like Christmas. Little hands will have no problem stuffing the ingredients into small gift bags to deliver around the neighborhood.

18. Hot chocolate spoons

Littles will need a bit of assistance with this one, but are guaranteed to have so much fun. Grown-ups will need to melt the chocolate, and then poor it into a Mason jar. Then preschoolers can carefully dip and coat the spoons until the are covered in chocolate. Set on wax paper, and before spoons set, let littles sprinkle on peppermint bits or mini marshmallows.

19. Soup in a Jar

This is another one that is just perfect for pouring practice, and their are so many recipes for soup in a jar on the internet. I found it easiest to prep the space, and pre-measure the ingredients. Then I had my little one practice their left-to right navigation skills and pour in all the ingredients.

20. Cookie Mix

Same concept as soup in a jar, but cookies! These Christmas Chip Cookies are perfect for the holidays, and Sowing Little Seeds even has a Free Printable Recipe Tag!

21. Hot Cocoa Ornament

This is very similar to the recipes in a jar mentioned above, but hot chocolate. In a clear craft jar layer hot chocolate ingredients. For a peppermint lover you may add peppermint. For to coffee enthusiast, make it a mocha with instant coffee. Using a funnel can be extra helpful, especially for preschoolers.

22. Seed bombs

These could be a perfect gift for the gardener in your life. Use these simple instructions to fill an egg carton full of seed bombs.

23. No-Sew Flannel Blanket Scarf

Anyone else have a little one that loves to pick at things? If something is fraying, they will do what they can to unravel that fabric? Put that skill to good use. Help preschooler measure and cut a large square piece of flannel. Then let them go to town fraying the edges for some flair.

24. Beaded Bracelets

Beading is such a great exercise for fine-motor skill building. If your child has really begun to master the skill, consider letting them make bracelets. Using stiff elastic string and pretty beads can make a perfect really create a beautiful gift. I’m a sucker for wooden beads so thats what we picked up for our project, but there are so many options at craft stores. This can also be a great opportunity to work on patterns.

25. Pretty Clipboard

Preschoolers will need a bit of assistance to assemble this project. However, from painting the wood, to modge podging glitter, there are several steps that they can do independently. Add a hand-lettered inspirational sign, or a picture of your little ones to make this gift extra special.

26. Chalk-Painted Frames

These frames are so pretty, and if your little one loves to paint, this is a perfect project for them. You can either make the frame into a mirror, add some hand-lettered inspiration, or place a family picture inside.

27. Mason Jar Snow Globe

These beautiful globes are such a magical decoration. Let your little one help pick figurines to place in the snow scene. Grown-ups glue the toys to the Mason jar lid. Let preschoolers pour in salt. Then together, secure the lid and tip upside down.

28. Painted Dried Gourds

I can NOT get over how much I LOVE these dried gourds. They come in various sizes, for a variety of uses. Use painter’s tape to mark out designs for your little (or if you’re brave let them free hand). Then let them paint. I used painter’s tape and black chalk paint. Then we made mini bouquets for neighbors. These are mini winter green arrangements to help homes feel festive at Christmas.

29. Shaped Crayons

These are so fun to make for a friend or sibling, and are a perfect way to make use of a giant crayon collection.

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  1. Love all of these gifts! We don’t have anyone to give them to, but maybe one day we will!

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    1. Not gonna lie, some of these I had them make for me. 🙈


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