Review of: God’s Big Creation by Brittany Nichole Akins

At one point or another, all littles feel different. Whether they realize they’re taller than all their friends, they want their hair to be more like some one else’s, or they begin to notice their heart language is not the majority language. Whatever it is, it eventually happens. And it can be hard to know how to navigate these challenging conversations, to help littles embrace the beauty in the differences God has created. Brittany Nichole Akins does a fantastic job of leading families through these conversations in her book ‘God’s Big Creation.’

Benji is a little bunny who feels different. He’s too tall, his nose is too big, and he finds all sorts of other faults with himself. However, his mother gently guides him to see the goodness and purpose of the differences God creates within each of his creations.

What I Love

I love this beautiful story of a little one overcoming the harsh words of others. People are not always kind to one another, and it can be hard for little ones to know how to navigate unkind words. However, Benji’s mother continually guides him to see the gift in how he has been made different, and embrace and give thanks for God’s plans and purposes.

I also love the cute woodland animal illustrations. I’m a sucker for the woods, so all the beautiful artwork of trees and animals really captured my attention at first glance.

What My Littles Loved

My littles, obviously loved the sweet illustrations. Really who can not be drawn in to them.

This book also stirred insightful conversation with my 5 year-old. We chatted about kind words, and how the words that had been spoken to Benji were hurtful. People in his life were not recognizing the gift of differences. However, we also chatted about the words his mother spoke over him, and how they made him feel. We talked about the truth God gives us of who we are created to be. We are each fearfully and wonderfully made, with a unique purpose, and we can choose to speak that over ourselves, and call it out in others.

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