Review of: Seek and Find New Testament Stories

Let’s just start by saying, if you saw my review of Seek and Find Old Testament Stories, you already know I can’t say enough good things about these books.

Featuring diverse skin-tones and hair textures on each page AND a play-based approach to learning the Bible. Well, it’s safe to say that Seek and Find: New Testament Stories is one of my new favorite resources for littles.

What I Love

As mentioned above, I love that the illustrations feature diverse skin tones and hair textures. As we often talk about in our World Love Wednesday features, showing littles diverse representations in Bible studies, is just offering good theology. All people and cultures are created in God’s image. When Jesus came he came for ALL people. When that theology is reflected in our teaching materials, it does more than the words we speak. Showing is more impactful than telling. So representation through illustration, especially when it comes to Biblical tools, is essential.

I also love the play-based approach to these books. They are literally Seek-and-Find books, with a short recap of the story, and then items for littles to find in the scene. I would say these books are perfect to engage all ages. We have used the illustrations to help keep a little baby engaged in tummy time. The illustrations are so eye-catching, and the recaps short enough to hold the attention of any busy 1 year-old (plus the pages are thick board book style for everyone with a mini book-destroyer). Older toddlers can start to find the items on each page. And preschoolers will enjoy exercising their math skills as they work to count how many of each item is on the page.

What My Littles Love

As soon as I pulled this book out of the packaging, my littles swiped it from my hands. They LOVE these books. And it keeps them engaged for hours! They will sit, finding the items, both by themselves and working together, making these an awesome independent activity.

I always make sure to have one of these Seek and Find books in my busy bag, because it keeps them so engaged. And it’s easy to build a themed busy bag around each story if that is your thing.

These books have also helped my littles process their own questions about each story. As they explore the pages, they love looking for Jesus. And will often ask questions about what is going on in the story, or also cultural context that is hinted at in the illustrations. I love that because that is a skill they will need as they continue to grow in their Bible study skills. Asking themselves what is the cultural context in which this story is written? What may I be missing with my western eyes? The books help engage in these foundational skills that will help them interpret and contextualize scripture as they grow.

10 out of 10 Recommend

We love these books, and I know your family will too! Whether you are looking for a play-based Bible study tool, or your little has discovered a love for seek-and-find books, these are an awesome tool to have on your bookshelf.

Get a Spanish Edition Here!

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