The Best Christ-Centered Easter Activities for Preschoolers

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I recieved a small commission for items purchased through these links. However, all opinions are my own, and I only recommend products I really love.

Easter is the time when we celebrate the pinnacle of our faith. Christ has conquered death. He has defeated the shame and guilt of sin. He has born the weight of our sorrows, drug them to the grave and resurrected, giving us the hope of new and eternal life! Kinda some big thoughts for a preschooler. So I have rounded up some of my favorite resources for little ones that contextualize in a way that they will understand, without losing the truth of the Gospel.


¡Oh Dia Felíz!

By Jose and Elizabeth Escobar

This bilingual Easter devotional is a perfect resource for the whole family to discover the Easter story a new. With short readings and simple activities, everyone in the family will love this study.

The Donkey that No One Could Ride

by Anthony DeStefano

Learn about the donkey that carried Jesus on Palm Sunday. He was weak, small, and almost forgotten. But Jesus saw him, loved him, and used him for his great purposes.

The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross

by Carl Laferton

Spanish: El Jardin, la Cortina, y la Cruz

There is so much depth to the Easter story, and so much can be missed when taken out of context from the Old Testament. Help your child see the context with this book that leads us from the Garden of Eden to the temple, and finally to the cross.

The Garden the Curtain and the Cross Board Book

By Carl Laferton

With a of the same Gospel truth as the original, the abridged version is printed in thick board book form (perfect for little book destroyers). The bright pictures and simple text make sure we can share the gospel with our littles, no matter how young.

Baby Believer Holy Week

by Danielle Hitchen

I cannot say enough good things about the Baby Believer series! This Holy Week Primer helps little ones identify the emotions around the death and resurrection of Christ. Featuring actual scripture, beautiful illustrations, and a message contextualized for the littlest disciples.

Easter is Coming

by Tama Fortner

This book has some of the most beautiful illustrations. Travel with a Mama and her babies through the Bible, as they discover the need for and joy of Resurrection Sunday.

Daniel and the Donkey Factor

By Kevin P. Horath

Spanish: Daniel y el Factor Burrito

This story shares the symbolism of the Donkey in the life of Jesus. Follow the story of the donkey that Jesus rode through Jerusalem, and discover the Easter story a new.

The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day

By Jill Roman Lord

Captivate the senses of your little one, and let them experience all of the emotions of Resurrection Sunday in this fun book. You can read my full review here: Review of ‘The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day!

Let’s Celebrate Jesus on Easter

By Amy Beveridge

This is such a fun book that introduces little ones to where Jesus is in all of the celebrating. From colorful baskets to egg hunts let’s celebrate Jesus.

A Very Happy Easter

By Tim Thornborough

This is one of my favorite Easter books. This beautiful retelling of the Easter story brings little ones into the story to experience all of the emotions of that day.

The Easter Fix

by Steph Williams

This sweet little book shows how Jesus was the big fix for our sin. With fun pictures and simple text, littles will love learning how Jesus came to save us and show us how to live.

Twas the Morning of Easter

By Glenys Nellist

This fun retelling of the original Easter morning will fill littles with awe and wonder. With beautiful images and whimsical text this story will fill littles with wonder and awe of the first Easter.

Love Gave

By Quina Aragon

This book is so beautiful. Quina Aragon is an award-winning spoken word artist, and she brings all that talent to her children’s books. ‘Love Gave’ shows littles that Jesus chose to die for us, because he loved us so much.

Toys and Games

Easter Contrast Cards

Introduce the littlest in the family to the Resurrection Story using these FREE Easter Contrast Cards. Perfect for Tummy time!

Resurrection Eggs

I love Resurrection Eggs! A simple sensory tool to help little ones grasp the Easter Story. Each egg is filled with a symbol to represent a piece of the story. By far, one of our favorite Easter traditions.

The Donut Gospel

The Donut Gospel is probably one of the most popular activities we’ve done, and with good reason. It puts the Gospel in a tangible way that little ones can understand…also, DONUTS! If Easter Brunch is a tradition in your home, consider adding some donuts to the mix and engaging your toddler with the Gospel.

Resurrection Rolls

This is a simple, fool-proof recipe every toddler LOVES! Illustrate the mystery of the resurrection with this snacktivity!

The Ultimate Easter Curriculum

This beautiful curriculum from The Christian Cottage is filled with learning activities and resources to share the Gospel with your little one.

Easter Sensory Kit

Little Seeds Co. has the best tools for teaching little ones the Bible. There kits are curated to making learning engaging and fun for the youngest family members.

Holy Week for Holy Families

This beautiful Family study combines liturgy, lessons, and activities for families. This resource is easily adaptable for children of any age and is a tool that will minister to the whole family.

Tesoros Escondidos: Semana Santa Devoccional

Tesoros Escondidos has an awesome Spanish devotion for little ones to walk them through Semana Santa. We will be using this with our family to encourage our minority language as we journey through the story of Pascua.

Los Peques del Reino

This Spanish site has mountains of resources for teaching little Spanish-speakers about the Bible, and their Pascua study is fantastic

Roll Play the Resurrection

Roll play the Resurrection using your dining room table, a sheet, and an ottoman cover (a pillow, cardboard cut out, or a number of other things). Simply drape the sheet over the table. Use tape to pull up an opening, and roll your ottoman-cover rock in front. Roll play the stone rolling away, and your little ones can be the angel running out of the tomb saying “He is not here, he is alive!”

Living Resurrection Garden

What better way to demonstrate new life in Christ than with a tiny garden. We were inspired by Walking on Sunshine to give this garden a try. We used microgreens in our garden, and they sprouted at 3 days! Not only is this garden pretty, but it’s frugal. Most of the items I found at the dollar store.

Check out the video below to see how we made ours.


The Donut Man:Resurrection Celebration

If you have been following for a while, you know I love the Donut Man. He is the creator of the Donut Gospel and has a video all about the Easter message, perfect for little ones. It is full of singing, dancing, and truth.

Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol

Spanish: Veggie Tales: Un Cuento de Pascua
Another favorite is Veggie Tale’s Easter Carol. This spin-off of the Christmas Carol shows little ones that Easter is more than just eggs and candy. It is the joy and hope we have in the new life Christ gives us.

Coloring Books

The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross Coloring Book

This beautiful companion book to The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross is perfect for family devotions. If you have a child that needs to be doing to be able to listen, I highly suggest getting your hands on this pair.

La Gran Biblia y Yo

This is a Bilingual Coloring and Activity book of the New Testament! This will probably be in our Easter Basket this year.

Silicone Coloring Mats

His Kid Company has the coolest coloring mats. Made of durable silicone, they never wrinkle and easily wash of for reusable coloring. Great for home and on-the-go!

Easter Coloring Count Down

This is such a fun resource from Raising Little Disciples! Perfect for little ones that love to color.


Seeds Family Worship Easter CD

For those unfamiliar with Seeds Family worship, this amazing band puts music to scripture, helping little ones (and parents) organically commit scripture to memory. Listen to the Easter story, straight from scripture, using this beautifully-crafted album.


Yancy is one of our favorite artist here. Her song Uno, Dos, Tres (English: One, Two, Three) tells the story of Easter. Little ones will learn the story as they sing along.

Pequeños Heroes

Another favorite kids band is Generacion 12 Kids. They’ve teamed up with Pequeños Heroes to make some wonderful shorts that teach little ones the Bibles. Their song Jesus, Mi Salvador introduces Jesus as our Savior.

What are your favorite Easter resources? What are your Easter traditions? Comment below.

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