Review of: The Quiet/ Crazy Easter Day

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Easter is just around the corner! Jesus is Risen, the whole world celebrates! This is the message behind The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day by Jill Roman Lord. It’s a. Easter story that engages littles’ listening skills and encourages them to shout for joy, because Jesus is alive!

What I Love

I love how this story engages little ones with animal sounds, but it doesn’t neglect the Gospel in favor of cute animals. Instead, they are a medium for showing that the whole world rejoiced when Christ rose. The Gospel is good news for the whole world from from little bunnies to the women who visited the tomb. From tiny lady bugs, to the glorious angels in heaven. And from goldfish to little girls and boys. All of creation has reason to praise, because Jesus is alive!

This book makes the joy of Easter tangible for little ones, and shows them how all of creation praises the Lord. 1 Peter 1:3 is included in the back of the book, a simple verse little can memorize as they grow, or simply can be read to show how this story was inspired by scripture.

What The Littles Love

My girls, of course, loved all the animals. Really, what toddler doesn’t love animals? They loved to make all of the sounds described in the book.

I loved that whenever she saw an empty tomb or cross on the page, she would shout “Jesus is alive!” It is a joy when simple stories can share the truth of the Gospel in a way littles understand.

I also love that this is a padded board book. The pages are sturdy, perfect for tiny book-destroyers, and the glossy book finish makes the pages easy to wipe clean when needed.

Perfect for Easter Sunday

This book would be perfect for an Easter Basket-filler, or a preschool Sunday School lesson. This story is sure to delight little ones, and caregivers can be encouraged that it shares the true joy of Easter Sunday.

Click Here to Get your copy of: The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day

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