Toddler-Sized Resurrection Eggs

Easter is almost here! Believe it or not, my first post was an Easter post last year. We did some sensory play and made our own toddler-sized resurrection eggs. In celebration, I’m opening a little shop to make the eggs more accessible.

What are Resurrection Eggs?

Resurrection eggs are an awesome sensory tool to help teach the Easter story. Traditionally there are 12 Easter eggs filled with sensory items to help tell the story.

The only problem was that my toddler wouldn’t sit through all 12!

So we made a pint-sized version. 6 colorful eggs, filled with symbols of the story. Perfect for small hands and short attention spans.

The Shop

One thing I have noticed scrolling through Pinterest, is a lot of times these activities require items that are easier bought in bulk. They also require some prep. My desire is to make sharing the Gospel with our littles as accessible as possible.

So I’m opening a small shop to make this possible. Whether you want a quality product, but don’t want to buy a bunch of bulk items, are a busy mom with no time for prep, or haven’t slept in weeks and need a no-fuss tool, I’ve got you covered. I’ll be starting with the resurrection eggs, but will be periodically be adding more items as seems fitting.

So check them out, share with your friends.

* Local friends: send me a message and we can by-pass the shipping charge.

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