We Can Share God’s Love with the World: Book Review and Activity for Toddlers

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You all know how much I love a new bilingual book. And even more so when I find a Christian bilingual book. So imagine my excitement when I found out Natalia Sepúlveda from Bilingual Lifestyle had released a Christian Bilingual Book.

Kai: The Missionary Sea Turtle is a book focused on teaching littles about missionaries. It shares what it means to be a missionary, and shows little ones that they can spread God’s love right where they are.

What I Loved:

I loved the bright colors, and all of the bilingual (Spanish/English) vocabulary throughout the book. I also love the play prompts and tips for parents on ways to disciple their littles at the back of the book. I also love the very basic ways Natalia share that missionaries share the Good New of Jesus. They share by visiting the sick, and loving those in need. These are very tangible ways that we too can love our neighbors wherever we are. And sends the message that no matter where we live we have a ‘mission field.’

What the Littles Loved:

The Sea Turtles! They are seriously the cutest. But I mean, who doesn’t love sea turtles? They also love that this book was in Spanish. As we have been on this bilingual journey, my littles prefer to be read to in Spanish. It is a joy finding books that speak my kids language (literally).

I Can Love My Neighbors Near and Far: Devotion for Toddlers

Natalia released some sweet Valentines to accompany her book for Valentines. This lead us to having a little devotion time focused on sharing God’s love with others.

Read: Kai: The Missionary Sea Turtle

We read the book and talked about who missionaries are and what they do.

They are people that share God’s love and the good news of the Gospel wherever they go.

They may travel different places, visit the sick, help neighbors in need.

Then we brainstormed some ways we can share God’s love with others.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for loving me. Help me to share your love with my neighbors near and far.


Play: Sea Turtles for Friends

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Place 1 playdough jar, 1 sea turtle, and 3 glass pebbles in each treat bag.
  2. Twist bag closed and secure with ribbon, attach Sea Turtle Valentine.
  3. Pray over playdough sets and gift to friends.

How do you teach your littles about missionaries? Comment below!

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