Resources for Toddlers to Learn About God As Our Shepherd

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I recieved a small commission for items purchased through these links. However, all opinions are my own, and I only recommend products I really love.

As we are going into this week playing through Psalm 23/The Good Shepherd, I wanted to share a quick list of some of our favorite resources to introduce little ones to the idea of God as our Shepherd. I this metaphor is repeated frequently in scripture, and in our congregations, so there are soooo many resources out there. But here are a few of our favorites:

Ways to Play

This is a short list of ways that we have already played through this concept. Click on the link for more details for each activity:

Herding the Sheep

This activity works on large-motor skills and is great imaginative play for learning about shepherds.

Psalm 23 Devotional

This is a self-worth of play specifically geared towards Psalm 23.

The Good Shepherd

Another week of play specifically focused on The Good Shepherd.

Little Sheep Pray n’ Play Pack

Needing a quick and simple way to engage your little one with Psalm 23? Check out the Little Sheep Pray n’ Play Pack in the Baby Devotions Shop! All Packs are in English and Spanish!

English Resources

This is a short list of our favorite English resources talking about God as our Shepherd.

Found: Psalm 23 by Sally Lloyd-Jones:

Sally Lloyd-Jones does an incredible job contextualizing the Word of God for young learners, and this book is no exception. She does a beautiful job showing what Psalm 23 is saying and how it connects to the Parable of the Good Shepherd. It is the exact same text found in the Jesus Storybook Bible, but with different illustrations to bring a deeper understanding.

The Jesus is Better Podcast: Jesus’ Parables

I love this podcast so much! Alicia does such a good job of explaining the Bible for young listeners, and helping them develop a Gospel lens. This is a podcast I look forward to listening to with my kids.

Kids Bible Stories Podcast: The Lost Sheep

This is another fun podcast, making the Bible come alive for young learners.

With Harp and Lyre: Luke 12:32

This song by With Harp and Lyre will help your little ones memorize Luke 12:32: “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Spanish Resources

Alcance Kids Podcast

Alcance is the BEST Christian Spanish Kids podcast I have found. The following episodes do an excellent job of introducing the concept of God as our Shepherd.
El Buen Pastor

Su Oveja

¿Perteneces a Jesús?

Historias de Jesus” por Sally-Lloyd Jones

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones comes in Spanish! She does an amazing job of explaining Psalm 23 for your listeners, and drawing connections to the Parable of the Good Shepherd.


The following songs are some of our favorites to explore the idea of God as our shepherd.

Jehova es mi Pastor”- por Rey de Reys Kids

El Señor Es Mi Pastor”- por Cedarmont Kids

Jesus Eres Mi Pastor”-por Niños Adorando

What resources would you add to this list? Comment Below!

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