Fasting for Moms in Crisis

For #worldlovewednesday this month we are going to be taking a moment to pray and fast for our fellow mamas. Friends, life is hard, so we really need to be there for one another. This month I’m going to be highlighting a few different organizations giving support to moms experiencing crisis. We are going to be spending the month praying for these organizations and I’ll be offering some ideas for ways to get involved, even with littles at home. Let’s make sure no mama is on this journey alone.

Carried To Full Term

Carried To Full Term is a nonprofit organization located in Haymarket, Virginia. They provide long term housing to pregnant, homeless women and help them break the perpetual cycles of poverty to become independent and self sufficient. The average age of a mom who enters the program is 29. CLICK HERE to watch a brief video that touches just the surface of what they do! For more info, visit their website

Ways to get involved

Through out the month of June we will be hosting a Text-2-Give campaign. I have a terrible Starbucks habit. Everytime I go to Target, I grab a refresher. On the weekends I always swing by for an Americano. However, for the month of June, I’m breaking up with Starbucks. Everytime I would normally grab a coffee, I’m going to opt for water, and text that money to Carried to Full Term. And I’m inviting you to join me. What do you spend your extra money on? How do you treat yo’ self? Could you give it up for a month? Could you instead use it to make sure every mama has someone on this journey with them?

To Give:

Text ‘BABYDEVOTIONS’ to 44321

Together for Good

Together for Good is an organization focused on mobilizing the church to care for “widows and orphans.” This means caring for parents and their littles in a tough place. Highly-screened volunteers host children in their homes while their parents meet goals to reach stability. I actually interned with them in my undergrad, and was so moved by their mission, that we now volunteer with them.

Ways to get involved

Though hosting is a huge need, there are other ways to get involved.We currently provide day-time despite care for host families. Just having another friend hang out with us for the day is a simple way we can love another mom.

Other ways to get involved could be bringing a freezer meal to a host family or simply giving a ride to a parent so that they can reach their goals. We all can do something! CLICK HERE to learn more!

National Diaper Bank

The National Diaper Bank provides diapers for families in need. One their website they share that “1 in 3 families is in diaper need.” And they share several hurdles to being able to afford and have access to clean diapers. Also, I’ll add that cloth diapers is not necessarily an accessible option, as it requires a large initial investment that many families can’t make, and for a family in an apartment with shared laundry, or with no laundry facilities at all, washing diapers every few days is expensive! So let’s help eliminate the need.

Ways to get involved

Donate diapers your child has grown out of! Has your child finished potty-training? Have them help bundle up the diapers and take them to your local drop-off site. Maybe consider having a diaper drive! Gather all your friends with littles to bring the diapers your little ones have grown out of and donate them together! If you’re in the Twin Cities, come join our Diaper Drive and Prayer Walk!

How are you standing with other moms? What organizations do you know doing this work? Comment Below!

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