The Best Spanish Christian Podcasts for Kids

We love podcasts in our house. They’re great for car rides, nap time, lunch time…really anytime. But I was on the struggle bus, because all of our favorite podcasts have been in English, and with trying to raise bilinguals in Minnesota, I am needing to reinforce Spanish as much as possible. Hence, I went hunting for Christian Spanish Podcasts for preschoolers. Here are our favorites.

Su Historia

I love this storytelling podcast so much! The narrator’s voice is captivating and holds little listener’s attention while sharing the truth of the Bible.

Alcance Kids Podcast

This beautiful podcast shares the stories of heroes of the Bible. It shares a new devotional every week to help little ears learn the Word of God.

Teatro de la Imaginación

This awesome podcast retells Bible stories for little ones, capturing the imagination, and bringing the stories to life through the art of audio theater.

Voz de Ardilla

Ok, so this podcast is hilarious. It’s little devotionals for little ones told by a squirrel. Connect your little one with the Word of God in a silly way that will grab their attention.

La Biblia para Niños

This fun podcast has very short episodes, perfect for listening on the way to daycare or the store. Stories told with fun sound-effects to capture their attention, little ones will love listening to this podcast that shares God’s words through good story-telling.

Biper y Sus Amigos

This audio tool mixes songs and story-telling to share Biblical truths with little ones. With silly voices and captivating story-lines little ones will love to listen to Biper y Sus Amigos.

Have you found any Spanish Podcasts your kids love? Comment Below!

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