The Good Shepherd: A Toddler Devotion from Psalm 23

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First we read the story in our Beginner’s Bible. This story book Bible has the Psalm written word for word, and is beautifully illustrated, making it easy to read actual scripture to your child.

Sheep Basket

I made a sheep discovery bin for the girls to explore. I used a soft white blanket to give a bit of sensory similar to sheeps wool.

I then added our Bible Sliders story book Bible, leaving it open to the parable of “The Good Shepherd.” When Jesus told this parable, and called himself “the good shepherd” it is likely it made the people think of this chapter, where God is referred to as a shepherd. Therefore, I wanted to start building that connection into their little minds.

Finally, I added every sheep toy we had in the house, just for fun.

Shepherd Play Scape

For Vale, I set up our David and his sheep peg people from Joppa Toys. We could actually play with these treasures all day every day, Vale loves them that much. So letting her reenact the verse with this play set worked beautifully.

The Good Shepherd

Again, this chapter is a great way to show where Jesus is in the Old Testament. You may choose to follow up this lesson with the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Or you may just want some more sheep and shepherd activities. Check out our devotion on The Parable of The Good Shepherd.

What did your littles think of this devotion? How did you adapt it for your family? Comment Below.

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