25+ Spanish Christian Kids Bands

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, and the Mexican heritage in our household, I put together a list of all the Spanish Christian kids music I have found (with links!). Hope these can help someone in their own bilingual journey, as they have certainly helped our family. Have some more to add to this list? Comment Below! I would love to add to it.

Mas Dulce Que la Miel

This easy listening music puts versiculos to music, making them easy for littles to memorize!

Generacion 12 Kids

By far our favorite kids band. We have a dance party with them daily. Plus, a lot of their songs are actually Bible stories, so as your kiddos is listening and learning the song, they are actually learning the stories of some of our faith heroes.

Xtreme Kids

Another favorite. This has a similar sound and feel as Generacion 12 Kids, generally upbeat and fun to listen to for the whole family.

Yancy Pequeña Fiesta de Alabanza

You may have heard of Yancy. She is a worship pastor who saw a disconnect between kids worship and adult worship, so she started writing music the whole family could worship with together. This is her “Little Praise Party” album in Spanish.

Biper y Sus Amigos

I first heard of these guys when I was on a missions trip to Nicaragua. We were working with a children’s ministry who used their songs. They sound a little like “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and are generally a fun pick for kiddos.

Hillsong Jr. Español

This is exactly what it sounds like: Hillsong Kids in Spanish.

Songs for Saplings

Songs for Saplings offers free music downloads and has their music translated into multiple different languages. They have more of a folk-music feel.

Cantos Biblicos Con Accion

This is is what you think of when you think of kids music. Maybe not your tastes, but your kids may love it.

Realmente Canciones Que Les Gusta Cantar a Los Ninos

Sunday school classics in Spanish, plain and simple.

Have you heard of “Hide ‘Em In Your Heart” by Steve Green. This is in in Spanish. Most of the songs are actually Bible verses, so as your kiddos learn the song, they are learning scripture.

In Christ Kids

This Group is so fun to listen to, and even have a baby album.

Miel San Marcos Kids

This is fun praise music that the whole family will love to listen to.

Su Presencia

This band is responsible for my kids two favorite songs. They are on our radio all the time.

Rey de Reyes Kids

This is another fun one to dance to and have a little praise party.

Play Kids

Featuring Spanish covers of many English praise songs, as well as originals. This is another fun favorite.

Niños Adorando

More fun music to lead your littles into praise and worship

Canta y Rie

Original music teaching Bible stories

Amy y Andy

This is a techno praise band with so many fun listens.


This band has classic Latino music sounds and is so fun to dance to. Yes we have danced some merengues to this.

Papel Maché Kids

I actually learned of this band with their awesome ‘Mi Farol’ cover, and was just tickled to find their kids album.

Manuel Bonilla

Classic Sunday School songs. You’ll feel nostalgic listening to these.

Nancy Ruiz

So many fun songs for littles to sing and praise Jesus with.

Jesus Squad

Little Rock stars will love jammin’ to this band.

Planet Kids

More original songs for little Rock star.

Iglesia Vision de Futuro

Original Christian songs for families to enjoy together

La Patrulla del Rey

Simple songs for the family, featuring a variety of instruments and harmonies. So much fun to listen to.

For more Spanish resources, check out: Favorite Spanish Resources For Toddlers

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