He Cares for You: A Toddler Devotion from “The Sermon on the Mount”

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This week we’re talking about the Sermon of Mount, and before I say anything else, you all should be warned: I went a little crazy. We did so many things, because there is so much fun to be had when exploring birds and flowers, and Pinterest was full of inspiration. Some of the ideas worked great and my babies loved them. Of course, I’m sharing those. But to be honest, some of them didn’t, and I’m sharing those too, because just because it didn’t work for us, doesnt mean it won’t work for you and your kiddos. Here’s all the fun we had: s

Read: The Sermon on the Mount

In both of our baby Bibles we have a page that briefly talks about the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5-7). In both they mentioned where Jesus talks about we shouldn’t worry, because if God takes care of the flowers and the birds, he will take care of us too. So we read those pages in the baby Bible.

Garden Sensory Bin

Since God cares for the flowers, we also cared for some “flowers” in a garden sensory bin. I took inspiration for this from Frugal Mom. We used some black bean “dirt,” rocks, a kiddie spade, some small planters from the Target dollar section, and some felt flowers I glued to popsicle sticks.

Plan A was to go to the dollar store and get fake flowers, but the flu hit our house the week before and I scrambled. But Vale really didn’t care and had fun with her sensory bin.

Feed the Bird Sensory Bin

Inspiration for this was from Modern Preschool. We basically used shredded paper, cut up pipe cleaner “worms,” and a baby bird flower pot I got with this cute plant on Valentines day clearance. (Woot! Clearance, but that little bird just doesnt match my house, glad I kept it though). We also had a clothespin to try to have her grab the worms with. But we didn’t really use it. I didn’t figure we would. She’s still pretty young for that skill, but I made the option available, and showed her how.

Instead, we just found the worms with our fingers. It still works on that pincher grasp that we’ll need to use the clothespin later.

Bird Footprints

Wel first made these little bird footprints when Vale and I took an ECFE class. They were cute, simple, and tied into our devotions, so we did them again.

We used paper, ink pads I got from the Target dollar section, and a black Sharpie marker. We also had wet wipes on hand to clean little feet. You could probably do this craft with paint, but I chose ink, because it cleans up quickly with a baby wipe.

Look at those little bird feet! I’m probably going to keep this forever. This was a fun way to get little baby involved this week, and Vale loved picking out the colors to make the birds. She liked this project so much, after she made 1 bird, she wanted to make another, hence 3 little bird squeezed on the page.

Snack: Field of Flowers

For snack we had a field of flowers made with strawberries, mini marshmallows, and Harvest Snaps. Vale was so thrilled to get marshmallows as a snack, you should have heard the “Hurray!” echo through our home.


This week we watched Veggie Tales Robin Good, because the whole theme is that God cares for us and we can trust him to take care of us even when things seem hopeless. Seriously, watch this. It’s probably my favorite Veggie Tales and the theme speaks to my Mama heart as well.

We also listened to Luke 12:32-34 by With Harp and Lyre. This is a song we also listened to when we talked about The Good Shepherd. It’s taken from another telling of the sermon of the mount from Luke, and basically reiterates, don’t worry, God will take care of you.

We listened to Do Not Worry by Steve Green. To be honest Vale hates this song. I did too good of job getting her hooked onto that Spanish pop music Generacion 12 Kids. So we didn’t listen to this song very much, but your kid may like it, and it’s a great method for learning the scripture.

Finally, we read Highlights Hello “All About Birds” issue (I looked all over for the date of the issue, but couldn’t find it on the magazine. So if yoy’re a subscriber, just know it’s the bird one). And we read the May/June 2018 issue of Babybug, because it’s all about flowers and birds.

What ideas worked for your family? Which ones did you have to adapt? What other bird and flower related activities has your family done? Comment Below!

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