15 Spanish Preschool Shows You Can Watch Online for Free

If you didn’t know, we are bilingual in our home. My husband is from Mexico and so his native language is Spanish. However I’m a native English speaker, and the stay at home parent. So we decided if we were going to have bilingual babies, we were going to need a plan. Apart of that plan was to make a media rule: if it can be watched, read, or listened to in Spanish, it’s going to be in Spanish. This lead to a hunt for Spanish media, and this list is a part of that hunt. All of these shows are legally on the Internet for your viewing pleasure. And yes, some of the links are to YouTube, but I did my research and made sure that those videos are apart of the broadcasting company’s official YouTube page, so no piracy here. Obviously you can find a lot of other Spanish shows on YouTube by searching. But this is our top 15, non-pirated, toddler-approved list.

1. Media Luna y Las Noches Magicas

This show is by PakaPaka, apart of Argentina’s Public Broadcasting. It’s a super cute show about a little princess that had a curse put on her, so she’s awake while her family sleeps, and all of her adventures.

2.Dora the Explorer

Now wait. Before you close that window, this is not the Dora you are thinking of. Nick Jr. actually has a Spanish site with complete episodes on several of their shows. All of the shows featured here by Nick Jr. generally have a full episode, free to stream online, and they change the episode about once every 3-4 months.

3. Bubble Guppies

Nick Jr.’s baby mermaids, teaching kids everything from numbers to what’s a platypus. Yes! In Spanish and there’s a free episode online.

4. Paw Patrol

Paw patrol is in Spanish too. Check out the rescue puppies in Español. This show is so popular there is sometimes 2 complete episodes online!

5. Minimalitos

This is another Paka Paka show with little animals and their lives.

6. Dinopaka

Dinosaurs from Paka Paka. I just found out about this show, and we haven’t tested it out, but plan to soon. Everyone that knows my toddler, has seen how much she loves dinosaur things. This show also comes highly recommended by other bilingual mama bloggers.

7. Pocoyo

Ok. Facts are Vale absolutely hates this show. I tried it on her and nope, nope, and nope. Does not like it one bit. However, I feel like everyone and their mother recommended this show to me, so on the off chance my child is just weird, I added it to the list.

8. Top Wing

This is a new Nick Jr. show, so there are 2 free episodes online as I write this. It’s a super cute and kinda educational show about birds.

9. Blaze and the Monster Machines

Everyone’s favorite Nick Jr. monster trucks are in Spanish and have some free episodes on the Nick Jr. website.

10. Nella, Una Princessa Valiente

Nella is a Latina Nick Jr. Princess that saves the day. So not only do we have some representation and a princess role model, but she speaks Spanish! To be honest, this one does not always have free episodes, but quite frequently, yes there is a free episode.

11. Go Diego Go

Dora’s cousin is in Spanish as well. This is another that does not always have a free episode, but more often than not they do.

12. Shimmer and Shine

Nick Jr.’s favorite genies are also in Spanish and have free episodes online.

13. El Taller de Historias

Another Paka Paka show. Follow Lila and Niko on their adventures.

14. Super Insectos

Super Insectos is also by Paka Paka and are about little bugs. Follow their lives as they work together to solve different problems as they arise.

15. Daniel Tiger

Best for last. You read that right. Daniel Tiger in Spanish! Bilingual parents everywhere rejoice. This is the official Spanish Daniel Tiger channel. Now you’re favorite social-skills-teaching tiger and friends can also reinforce your child’s Spanish skills.

What shows do your children like watching in Spanish? Comment Below!

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