Our Favorite Christian Kids Bands

One of the simplist ways we can teach our kids about God is through music. Songs just stick with you. There are songs I listened to growing up that still come back to me. Here are some Christian Bands for kids that range in all sorts of genres, so there should be something for everyone.

Rain for Roots

This is a great family worship band with fun songs you and your kids will love.

Veggie Tales

Everyones favorite veggies singing praise and worship songs.


We love Yancy. She is a worship pastor with a heart for leading families to worship together.

Hillsong Jr.

If you like Hillsong, you and your kids will love their kids album.

With Harp and Lyre

This Minnesota Mom and Dad couldn’t find Christian kids music in the genre they liked, so they wrote their own. These songs are pure scripture and fun for the whole family to listen to.

The Donut Man

Bible-based kids songs that teach in a way kids will remember.

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart

These are some more memory verse songs. As your kids learn the songs, they are actually learning scripture.

Songs for Saplings

Songs that teach what we believe with easy to sing along tunes and lyrics.

New City Catechism

The New City Catechism app actually has a kids setting with songs for kids that teach whole catechisms.

Seeds Family Worship

More worship for the whole family. You will enjoy listening to this as much as your kid does.


This is one that I listened to growing up, and I included it, because I still remember the songs.

The Rizers

This is another group with Bible-based songs, with more of a rock feel.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

This album is full of songs that teach kids the Bible! The songs tell the stories and concepts, as well as sharing how the stories are linked, helping littles gain better understanding of context.

The Getty Kids Hymnal

This collection of hymns is perfect for little ones and their families. Passing down the beautiful truth of so many classic hymns to the next generation.

If you have interest in Spanish music and raising bilinguals, check out:Spanish Christian Music for Kids

What is your family’s favorite music? Help me add to the list! Comment Below.

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