20+ Diverse Christ-Centered Christmas Books

Christmas is coming, and many a bookish mom are putting together a reading advent calendar for their littles. Whether you are just starting to build your Christmas library, or are simply looking for new titles to add to the collection, it can be worth it to invest in some books with diverse representation. When we offer representation in our depictions of the Christmas story, we are offering a more well-rounded understanding of Emmanuel, God with us. When our littles can see themselves and their friends in the story, they gain the understanding that the Kingdom of God is made of every tribe and tongue.

So here is around up of Christmas books offering diverse representation in the illustrations. Not every title will work for every family. I’ll let you discern what is a good fit for you and yours. But want to let you know what is available so you can make that decision.

Also note: this post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission on items purchased through those links, but I only link to products I actually recommend and hope can be a blessing to your family.

The King of Christmas by Todd R. Hains

We love the beautiful artwork and diverse representation in this Christmas book. The King of Christmas makes the Gospel story accessible for all God’s children. Sharing why Christ came.

A Very Noisy Christmas by Tim Thornborough

Have you ever seen a room full of preschoolers silent, on the edge of their seats? That’s the effect this book has. I love to pull this one out every year for my preschool Sunday school class. With silly storytelling, and beautiful illustrations, this book draws littles into the true meaning of Christmas.

Silent Night by Lara Hawthorne

This book is gorgeous! Lovely illustrations paired with the classic hymn silent night. This book is a win over here.

Silent Night by Grace Lin

Asian representation is few and far between in Christian kids lit. So this board book by Grace Lin is a literal treasure. Telling the Christmas story through Children’s nativity and Silent Night, this is a fun gift for any preschooler.

Mi Burrito Sabanero by Susie Jaramillo

If you spend Christmas with any Spanish-speaking littles, you know Mi Burrito Sabanero is THE villancico of the season. This board book shares the song and story in both ingles y español. With QR codes to music videos.

How Do You Wish Jesus A Happy Birthday by Tamara Menges

This is a lovely new release from Tamara Menges, showing littles how to wish Jesus a happy birthday. The story doesn’t feature the nativity, but shows littles from all walks of life wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday by loving others well. I especially like this book and included it in this list because it features children with disabilities, not as the ones just receiving love, but them giving and actively blessing others. Something that we rarely get to see in the children’s book world.

Los Tres Reyes Magos by Lil’ Libros

Lil’ Libros has become a familiar name in Spanish-speaking homes. And they have s lovely book exploring the journey of Los Reyes Magos through colors!

El Nacimiento by Libritos for the Heart

Libritos for the Heart is one of our favorite book series. El Nacimiento helps littles identify the parts of the nativity in both English and Spanish.

Seek n’ Find: The First Christmas by Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker has done it again with another amazing Seek and Find book. This time telling the Christmas Story.

The Story of the Three Wise Kings by Tomie dePaola

Tomie de Paola is a classic in children’s storytelling. His illustrated version of the Story of Three Wise Kings tells the legend of the kings that came to visit Jesus.

Joy to the World: Christmas Around the Globe by Kate Depalma

I love this book! It share ways that Christians celebrate the season around the globe, and the symbolism behind the traditions. From candles in Colombia to a shared meal in Ethiopia, learn how people around the world are celebrating Jesus.

A Child is Born by Margaret Wise Brown

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this cover says it all. This book is perfect for families who love classic art depictions of the nativity. The beautiful detail in every picture is truly breath-taking.

An Aboriginal Carol by David Bouchard

This beautiful First Nation’s perspective of Christ’s birth. The illustrations are captivating, displaying the wonder of Christ’s birth. Written in English and Inuktituk, this book is a retelling of Canada’s ‘Huron Carol.’

Spirit Child: A Story of the Nativity by John Bierhorst

This retelling of the Nativity Story is one that John Bierhorst repeatedly found during his study of the Aztec language. A scholar of Indigenous languages, John Bierhorst took note that he found this retelling frequently while studying the language. And in the retelling we see how ‘missionaries’ first told the story. But also how they made the story their own. The some details of the story swayed from the Biblical account, the gospel message in this story remains the same: Christ came to free us from the bonds of death. I was hesitant to share about this book because of it’s close ties with colonization and the atrocities committed during the Spanish inquisition. These things are NOT the gospel, nor the ways of Jesus. However, I decided to share this book, hoping it can be a tool for families who love Jesus, but also long to honor their indigenous Mexican roots. And hope it can be a discussion tool for families with older children.

Jesus Came For Me by Jared Kennedy

This book is such a sweet tool for young children to understand the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus came for us.

Goodnight Manger by Laura Sassi

This is a good one for littles who love animals. Explore the Christmas story at bedtime with this sweet story.

Celebration Song by James Berry

This beautiful book displays images of the Caribbean while celebrating the relationship of mother and child between Mary and Jesus.

What a Morning by John Langstaff

This beautiful books is full of illustrated Black Spirituals that share the Nativity Story.

The Stone: A Persian Legend of the Magi by Diane Hofmeyr

The Stone is the traditional Persian retelling of the Magi. Follow the wisemen as they search for the King of Kings.

All Is Bright: When God Came Down One Silent Night by Clay Anderson

This one is gorgeous! Just look at the cover illustrations. This one is sure to be a winner with everyone in the family.

Brown Baby Jesus by Dorena Williamson

We love all the books we’ve read by Dorena Williamson, and this one is no exception. Explore Gof’s plan for Jesus as well as the way he prepared the world for the Savior’s birth through Jesus’ beautiful, multicultural genealogy.

Lift the Flap Christmas Stories for Young Children by Naomi Joy Kruger

This one is for those who love an interactive book. With flaps on each page, this story gives active littles something to do while they explore the Christmas story. I love the darker skin tones represented in this book, as well as the fact they have Jesus as a toddler when the wisemen arrive (fitting in with the tradition of Dia de los Reyes).

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