Review: Seek and Find the First Christmas

Looking for a Christmas resource to engage your busy toddler in a fun way, while also teaching them the true story of Christmas on their level?

Then you have to check out Seek and Find the First Christmas by Sarah and André Parker. If you’ve been with us a while, you already know we love the other Seek and Find books by this duo. They are engaging for littles with i-spy fun and short stories that share the Gospel in an age appropriate way. Seek and Find the First Christmas and it’s matching activity book are the perfect tool for playful families to show their littles the true meaning of Christmas.

What I Love

First of all, as always with this series, I love the representation of darker skin tones. Historically this is something that has largely been lacking in the mainstream Christian publishing world. I love that this products offers representation so our littles can see themselves and their friends in the story of Emmanuel: God with us.

I also love that this is a completely play-based tool. The whole book is an i-spy game! This is perfect for families with littles who would rather look at the pictures than listen to a long story explanation. Also this is perfect addition to a holiday busy bag for families who will be travelling or attending family services during the holidays.

I’d say the Seek and Find book is perfect for ages 2+. The layout and difficulty is similar to the mainstream First Look and Find books. For families with older children (4+) the matching activity book is a great find. It contains puzzles, mazes, and coloring sheets that are a good fit for preK on up. I had planned to have my older kids share the activity book for our upcoming Christmas trip, but when they saw it they were both so excited that I had to head to Amazon and pick up a second copy. Which, I totally didn’t mind because the retail price is about $5. And generally what I would pay for a similar or lesser quality book at the Target dollar spot or 5 Below, and I’d be hard pressed to find a faith-based option at either of these places.

What My Kids Love

As I already mentioned, my kids were just tickled to see the activity book, to the point they requested not having to share. Also, the moment they saw the Seek and Find Book they recognized the familiar illustration style of André Parker and pretty much ripped the book from my hands to hide away with it for a few hours. Generally, it’s never a good sign if my kids are ‘too quiet,’ but these books keep them so engaged, the house does get ‘too quiet’ in a good way. During seasons when my toddlers don’t want to attend the children’s service we bring one of these books with us and it keeps them concentrating for most of the service. Which means I actually get to hear the sermon.

Whether looking for a unique Advent Resource, or wanting ‘something to read’ for under the tree, I highly recommend Seek and Find: The First Christmas.

Click Here to Get Your Copy of Seek and Find: The First Christmas

Click Here to get the First Christmas Activity Book

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