Breakfast Food Around the World

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I recieved a small commission for items purchased through these links. However, all opinions are my own, and I only recommend products I really love.

After reading Tina Cho’s new book “My Breakfast With Jesus,” I just couldn’t help, but feel compelled to make a little round up of Breakfast recipes from around the world. One of the simplest ways we can celebrate other cultures is through food. Pick a recipe from below, and give it a go! Thank God for the diversity he has put into his wonderful world. Thank him for putting his image so uniquely into every human being.

North America

Cinnamon Rolls– United States

Chilaquiles– Mexico

Mallorca– Puerto Rico

Pupusas– El Salvador

South America

Arepas– Colombia
Pao de Queijo– Brazil

Medialunas– Argentina

Picarones- Peru


Koose– Ghana

Egg Stew– Nigeria

Mandazi– Kenya

Kinche– Ethiopia


Baozi 包子 – China

Banh Pate So– Vietnam

Pandesal– Philippines

Idli– India

Middle East

Beghrir– Morrocco

Ful– Lebanon

Halwa Poori– Pakistan

Manakish Zaatar– Syria



Banista– Bulgaria

Hagelslag– Netherlands

Skyr– Iceland

Which one will you make first?

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