Review of: ‘My Breakfast With Jesus’ by Tina Cho

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It’s time for the Multicultural Kids Blog Read Around the World Summer Series! As soon as I got the notification to join-in, I knew exactly which book I wanted to share about: “My Breakfast With Jesus” by Tina Cho. Friends, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this book. When I learned about it, I literally squealed with delight. I have never seen a book that so beautifully portrays the Global Church like ‘Breakfast With Jesus,’ and I highly recommend it for every Christian library.

What is it?

Tina Cho opens with the story of Jesus making breakfast for his disciples found in John 21. Then she takes us on a journey around the world, showing us how others have breakfast with Jesus. From cinnamon rolls and devotions in Iowa to koose with friends in Ghana. Beef noodles are enjoyed at an underground church in China, meanwhile Syrniki and prayers are made in Ukraine. This book shows how Jesus is celebrated around the world.

What I Love

This books is truly one of a kind. I love how this book shows that there are Christians all over the world loving Jesus. This is truly a celebration of imago dei, every person is made in the image of God. This book can give children the opportunity to expand their view of the church from just what they know to seeing believers from other cultures and countries. I also love how Tina Cho uses breakfast food as a unifier. Who doesn’t love food? As we expand our childrens faith, we can also expand their taste buds.

What my littles love

My girls love books with other children. They were absolutely enthralled with seeing all the kids from around the world enjoying breakfast with Jesus.

10 out of 10 recommend!

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this book. You can get your own copy at the link below!

Click Here to get your copy of “My Breakfast With Jesus” by Tina Cho

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