Camp Nada

We live in Minnesota where camping, hiking, nature, and the woods are a big deal. It’s also where it snows…ALOT! So in the summer months we try to soak up as much outdoor time as we can. So through the month of July, we are going to he doing our devotions outside, in the woods, and having a little camp thing. Welcome to Camp Nada.

What? Nada? Like…Nothing?!

Yup. That’s right. Because we will be learning about how nothing, nada, ninguna cosa can separate us from the love of God. Toddlers love silly names, and this silly name has so much purpose.

As we explore creation we are going to see how nature can actually point us to the love of God. (All of you with little naturalists are going to love this).

Using a camping theme, we will learn the following lessons:

-God knows us (Psalm 147:4)

-He keeps us safe (Psalm 27:1)

– He gives us peace (Psalm 4:8)

-He guides us (Psalm 119:105)

-He fills us with good things (Psalm 1:3)

– And he makes us new (2 Corinthians 3:18 and 2 Corinthians 5:17)



We will be using our Camp Coloring Pages, found on our FREE PRINTABLES page (available in both English AND Spanish).

We will also be using our Abecedario Bíblico cards to help us memorize some of the scripture verses we will be using, and learning new letters we will find.

Finally, we will be using the Color and Kindness Nature Journal to document our exploring.

Spotify Playlists

Check out these Spotify playlists featuring songs to direct your little one’s heart to the one who loves them most.

Camping Spotify Playlist

Spanish Playlist: Campamento Spotify Playlist

Faith-based books:

We will also be using Quinn’s Promise Rock by Christie Thomas

And Childlike Faith: A Modern Toddler’s Bible Scripture Book (This is a camping-themed board book to grow your child’s faith.

Nature Play Ideas:

And finally, but most importantly, will be using lots and lots of nature play. Hurray!

I will be updating this post with ideas, but you can also follow along on the Baby Devotions Instagram Page. How would you play through these verses? How do you use nature to point your little ones to God. Share your ideas on Instagram using the hashtag #campnada and I’ll post them in my stories! Let’s keep inspiring one another.

How do you use nature to point your little ones to God?

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