Toddler Devotion on Psalm 147:4

Anyone else have a little astronaut in their home? We recently purchased a book featuring Mae Jemison, and Vale immediately fell in love with the stars and space exploration. Doing everything to encourage that love of STEM, I’m totally milking this for all it’s worth, and we used this love of space to explore Psalm 147:4.

“He counts the stars and knows them by name.”

-Psalm 147:4

Space Bin

Being that Mae started out this love of space, I made a little space exploration bin. Using black beans as a filler, I threw in some foam stars and pom poms. We were lucky enough to have an Amazon package come in the mail, with planets printed on the side for children to cut out and play with. So we threw those in their too. The final touch was a rocket that I crafted from a tin can and a funnel. I also made a Mae Jemison and a Valentina Tereshkova peg dolls.

We had fun simply scooping and pouring beans. Vale did some unplanned fine-motor work by pushing him the beans into the rocket. We also, of course, counted the stars. We talked about how God made all the stars, he knows how many there are, and he knows their names. He is so powerful, but knows and loves us even more than the stars.

Reach for the Stars

Using craft paper and construction paper, we made a quick number matching game. I hung the craft paper on the wall and drew 10 stars. I labeled the stars 1-10. Then I cut 10 stars from construction paper and labeled them 1-10. I also wrote our scripture vers of the week on the craft paper. Then Vale had fun matching the numbers. When she was finished matching the numbers, we counted the stars. This worked on number recognition, counting skills, and was good vertical play.

When Vale was finished hanging all the stars, it was Naomi’s turn to peel them off. This was, again good vertical play, and worked on fine-motor skills.

Star Snack

This is the easiest activity. We dug out our star-cookie cutters and simply made our food star shaped. We counted the stars on our plates, and talked about how we are so much more important than stars.


Finally, we wrapped up our week with a simple coloring page from Color and Kindness. Nicole has this coloring page included in her coloring page packet, with verse options in Spanish and English.

He Knows the Stars

I find this verse amazing. God, the all powerful God of the universe knows every single star. He knows their name. He created each one. And aren’t we more important than a star? Like the stars, he knows us. He calls us by name. He made us and he loves us. Whether you are a supermom today or just struggling to get out of bed, know that you are seen. The God who made the stars knows you and he loves you. You are loved.

How does it feel to know the God who names the stars, also knows you?

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