The Gospel of Frogs and Toads

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.“-2 Corinthians 3:18

This is the Gospel: that Christ has resurrected humanity, and is doing the work of transforming us into a perfect image of the Father. And when of I think of this transforming work, I think of Frogs and Toads.Frogs!? TOADS!!!????Now here me out. A frog doesn’t just start out as a frog. It starts out as a little tadpole. It swims and swims in its little pond, and starts growing. It sprouts legs. Soon its little tail disappears. And eventually it hops out of its pond and begins roaming around dry land. It’s a full-grown frog that couldn’t even be recognized as the little tadpole it started as. And that is what God does in us. He sees us as we are. Little tadpoles, swimming in a pond. And as we journey through life with him, he transforms our hearts, our minds, and our spirits until people wouldnt even recognize the old us.The girls have been catching toads about every week at our Free Forest School. So I figured it was about time we talked about the Gospel of Frogs and Toads. My girls are pretty little, so they may not understand big words like sanctification. But they can understand that God grows little tadpoles, little by little into toads. In the same way, God is change our hearts to look more like his.Here is a roundup of some of my favorite resources to start the conversation with small children.

Favorite Frog and Toad Resources for Preschoolers:

Recycled Frog Life-Cycle Craft

This Frog Life-Cycle Craft is perfect for illustrating the transformation from tadpole to frog. Have your little ones help create these little frogs and tadpoles to start a conversation.

Edible Frog Life Cycle

My littles love to play with their food. Maybe yours do too? Check out this edible frog life-cycle.

Frog Pond Sensory Bin

I love this Frog Pond Sensory Bin so much, made with items that can be found around the house (or found at the Dollar Store).

Catch Tadpoles

Get into nature and catch some tadpoles. Our nature center has some net kits for doing just this. Maybe yours does too! Before you go tadpole-fishing, check if it is legal in your area. If you choose to bring them home, please make sure that is legal too, and do your homework on how to care for and raise baby tadpoles.

Catch Toads

Maybe you can’t catch some tadpoles, but is there an area with a lot of toads? As I mentioned, we have a forest full of them. Go toad-catching, and then talk about what toads look like when they are babies.

English Media Resources

Bullfrogs and Butterflies by Barry McGuire

This is a fun song that talks about the transformation a frog goes through, and compares it to being born again. If this song sounds familiar, it’s because we also used it when we talked about The Butterfly Gospel.

FREE Frog Life-Cycle Boardgame

This fun boardgame explores the frog life-cycle while working on matching skills, following directions, and taking turns. Best of all, it’s a FREE Printable.

Frog Life-Cycle Coloring Page

This coloring page illustrates the life-cycle of a frog, perfect for starting a conversation.

Sesame Street Life-Cycle of a Frog

This is a classic Sesame Street video, showing how little tadpoles grow up to be frogs!

Frog Life Cycle Unit

Are you a homeschooler? Check out this fun Mini-Unit from Little Lifelong Learners. I love ALL of her material, and this printable resource is no exception.

From Tadpole to Frog

This picture book by Steven Anderson is just delightful! The story follows a little frog growing up from egg hatching, to tadpole, to frog. A fun and imaginative way to show children how frogs grow.

Spanish Media Resources

Habia Un Sapo Cancion

This funny song is one of Vale’s favorites, and she sings it ALL the time. It is about a little green frog (sapo) that died if cold, but it’s ok, because he knew Jesus. Totally remind me of some funny song we would have sang at church camp.

Ciclo de Vida de Una Rana-Free Printable

This is a FREE printable illustration of the frog life-cycle in Spanish. The fun illustrations really capture the attention of small children, and would make a fun addition to a learning area.

“El Ciclo de Rana” Cancion

This fun video teaches little ones the life-cycle of a frog through song and fun animation. Watch the video with your little ones, or just listen to learn how little eggs hatch tadpoles that will turn into frogs.

Ciclo de Rana Curiculo

Check out this Spanish Frog Life-Cycle Curriculum. Perfect for Spanish-speaking and bilingual homeschoolers.

Las Ranas

This early-reader bookby National Geographic has real photos of frogs and tadpoles. Using simple words and real facts this is a fun introduction to the life-cycle of a frog.

What are your favorite resources to learn about frogs? Have you talked about the Frog Gospel with your little one yet? Comment Below!

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