Jesus Walks on the Water for Toddlers

Jesus walking on the water is probably one of the most famous miracles of Jesus. It’s all over pop-culture! And with good reason. The idea of someone walking on water is pretty incredible.

To explore this story, we got out a Jello bin (hint: anytime something freaky is happening with water, I’ll probably be using Jello). Then we reenacted the story.

Sensory Play

What You Need:

  • Blue Jello
  • Peg people or action figures
  • Toy boat

What you do:

  1. Before play, prepare Jello according to package directions
  2. When Jello is set, tear it up with a fork. It should look like a big storm with lots of waves.
  3. Add toy “disciples” in a boat. Have “Jesus” on the water. You may have to stick Jesus in the water a bit to help his legs stand. Totally ok. Your babies will get the idea.
  4. Recap the story, and have free play. You may also choose to read the story while little ones play.

What’s the Point

There is a lot going on in this story that we can learn from. But one thing I want to point out that Matthew Henry points out in his commentary:

Christ made them a kind visit upon the water. He could have checked the winds, where he was, or have sent an angel to their relief; but he chose to help them in the most endearing manner possible, and therefore came to them himself.

Jesus had the power to calm the storm. He had done that. He could have summoned an angel to be with them. He could have done a number of things to fix the problem. Instead, he chose to go to them.

Friend, he doesn’t always choose to calm the storm. Have you been there? I’ve been there and it is hard. I’ll admit there have been some angry tears shed in those seasons. But we have this hope: Christ is with us. He is not far off. He not only sees us, he is choosing to be with us in our struggles.

He has all power, and we can trust that he is working. When Jesus entered the boat, the storm calmed. He didn’t have to say a word. He didn’t lift a finger, it simply stopped. Whatever you are facing today, know that God is working. He may not calm the storm the way you expect, but he will calm it all the same. Let’s wait in anticipation for God is at work in our struggles.

How could you play through this story? Comment Below!

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