Epiphany Activities for Toddlers

Epiphany is the celebration of the wisemen finding Jesus and presenting him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. In our family, we celebrate this day with many cultural activities. You can read a little bit more about that in my post on Dia de los Reyes.

However, leading up to the day of Epiphany (the 12 days of Christmas) we did some other activities to explore the story of the wisemen.

Travelling Kings

The Kings travelled around our house, similar to Elf on the Shelf. We kicked of their adventures by having them bring donuts. On Epiphany they reached the Nativity and found baby Jesus.

V is for Viaje

We learned about the letter “V” and helped our wisemen make a “Viaje” (trip, or visit) to baby Jesus using dot stickers.

Starry Lunch

I am not a “cute” lunch person. I can’t make bugs, or woodland animals from a bunch of fruit. But I can make a pbj sandwhich into stars with my nifty cookie cutter. So that’s what we did, and over lunch we talked about the star the wisemen followed to see Baby Jesus.

3 King Aroma Therapy

I happened to have some frankincense and myrrh essential oils, both which are safe to use around small children. They actually have many health benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression. We added some wild orange to represent gold, and then I had my toddler help me put 1-2 drops each in our diffuser. We talked about the beautiful gifts the kings brought Baby Jesus, and also combated our winter blues.

Sensory Bath

On the theme of Sensory Play, your littles may enjoy the sensory bath we tried out this year. For extra fun you can even make bath bombs! Recipe here: 3 Kings Bath Bombs


Finally, we made some simple construction paper crowns to wear to our Epiphany celebrations.

Learning about Other Cultures

I love how Steadfast Family observes Epiphany. The story of Epiphany shows us that the Gospel is not just for one people group, but the whole world! Learning about and celebrating other cultures is a beautiful way to pass on this truth to littles.

How has your family explored the story of the wisemen? Does your family celebrate Epiphany? Comment below.

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