Devotions for Toddlers on the Minor Prophets

Does anyone feel intimidating thinking about introducing the Minor Prophets to their preschooler? They’re not exactly, child-friendly books. However, there are resources out there to help teach your child the whole Bible, not just the easy parts. Here are ways we have explored the minor prophets with our littles. Click on the picture for more details.


Hosea is kind of a heavy book for anyone, much less toddlers. Prostitution and human trafficking are just a couple of the themes discussed that are probably not the easiest for toddler ears. However, Dan and Louie do have a softened version of this story. It’s still probably more of a PG as opposed to a G story, saying “Gomer had many boyfriends” and “Gomer was sold into slavery.” We haven’t listened to this one yet, because I don’t feel like my littles are ready for. So I would say listen with your littles to this story, and know where they are developmentally before exploring this story.


Amos was a prophet, but also a farmer. He was a simple man, but he loved God, and God used him to speak to his people.


Jonah is this devotion we played with whales! The whale symbolizes God’s compassion and mercy, and provides so much sensory opportunity. Find our more in our toddler devotion on Jonah and the Whale.


In both the major and minor prophets, we see one of the things that broke God’s heart was Israel’s failure to give mercy and uphold justice. One of the most quoted verses on this is Micah 6:8. In this devotion we learned what it means to promote justice in our modern context.


Habakkuk was a prophet when Israel was in a hopeless place. Habakkuk asked God “Why?” Why were all these horrible things happening. In this devotion, we learned that we can ask God questions.

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