Habakkuk: A Toddler Devotion About Questioning God

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Does anyone else have a toddler obsessed with asking why? Habakkuk was a man who asked God “why?” And in this lesson we learned we can bring our questions to God.

What other ways could you explore these stories? Comment below.

The Prophet Who Asked Why

For this story, we listened to Dan and Louie Bible Stories retelling of Habaakkuk. In this story, they make a point of addressing that it is ok to ask God why, and to struggle in our faith. However, we can also trust that Hod is always working, and has a plan and a purpose.

We also listened to With Harp and Lyre‘s song from Habakkuk 3:17-19. This verse talks about when all is hopeless we can trust in God. And this song helps littles commit the verse to memory.


After listening to Dan and Louie, we read Preguntame by Bernard Waber (English: Ask Me). This story kinda flips the tables, and has the father asking the little girl questions. However, I chose this book because it highlights that questions build relationship. I don’t think our questions bother our Heavenly Father. In fact, I think he often uses them to bring us into deeper relationship with him.

What questions would you ask God?-

For older Toddlers and preschoolers, have them brainstorm questions they would ask God. Reassure them that we can bring any and all of our questions to the Lord, because he cares for us. And we can trust he will answer in his perfect time.

What questions have your kids asked about God? Comment below.

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