Amos: A Toddler Farm Devotion

Amos was a prophet, but he was also a farmer. He was a simple man, but he loved God, and God spoke to him. We don’t have to have fancy jobs, expensive houses, or loads of travel experience to have a relationship with God. All God wants is an open and willing heart.Here is how we explored this story.

The Story

For this story, we listened to Dan and Louie Bible Stories: Amos, the Farmer Prophet. In this retelling they talk about how Amos was a farmer, and maybe that was why the people didn’t believe him.


While we listened, we played with ourFisher Price Little People Farm. I added in an oatmeal bin for some sensory. Vale played with all the animals, feeding them oatmeal, loading up the tractor, and practicing her animal sounds.

Naomi, I sat in her high chair, and gave her some oatmeal and a couple of animals to play with. She mostly enjoyed eating the oatmeal.

Get your farm animals out and play through this story with your littles. Any way you adapted this for your family? Comment below!

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