The Parables of Jesus for Toddlers

Jesus taught the people in ways they would understand. They were tactile, things they could touch and see. The Lord wants us to know him and will speak to us on our level. When we get down on our children’s level, we are showing our children the same compassion Christ has for us. Here is how we played through these Parables.

The Good Shepherd

The parable of the Good Shepherd tells us about God and his character. In this devotion we counted, played with sheep, and made some crafts to explore this concept.

The Sower

The parable of The Sower talks about different soil. We can be soil that is hard, that is covered in weeds, beat down, or good soil that hears the Word of God and takes it to heart. In this devotion, we planted, played with seeds, and learned about dirt.

The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son talks about a son who ran so far from home, he began to act like a pig. For this devotion we played with pigs, and learned we can never stay so far that we can’t find God’s forgiveness.

The Two Builders

This devotion is about two houses with very different foundations. One was wise, one was foolish.

The Good Samaritan

In this devotion, we learned the true meaning of this story, with the help of “Little Blue Truck.”

The Lost Coin

In this devotion, we used sensory play to learn about this parable. Included are thoughts for parents when playing through this story.

Hidden Treasure

Anyone else think of pirates when they hear buried treasure? We may have used some pirate fun to learn about The Parable of Hidden Treasure

Parables of Jesus Pray n’ Play Packs

If you are looking for a quick and fun way to teach your little one the Parables of Jesus, you will want to check out our Parables of Jesus Pray n’ Play Packs. Simply print and play through the stories.

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What Parables have you explored with your littles? Comment below!

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