Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones for Toddlers

God gave Ezekiel a vision of a Valley of Dry bones, and in the vision God gave the bones life. God told Ezekiel this was his plan for Israel. They were in a hopeless place, in captivity in a land not their own, but God had a plan. He would restore. We can trust that when we are in a place where we feel hopeless, God is still at work. Maybe where we are at is due to our own disobedience, maybe we made a wrong choice, or maybe we don’t know how we got into our circumstance. However, God is not absent. He is here with us, and at work.

The Story

This is kinda a big theme for a little toddler, but Dan and Louie Bible Stories do bring it down to a child’s level. Listen in with your child, because they don’t hide that this was probably a little creepy of a vision. Know what your child can handle, and be sensitive if this story is too much.


We listened to this story on the way to our library where they have an X-ray station. Being that my toddler is only 2, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand what a skeleton is, and what bones are. So we worked on some toddler science. We talked about how everything has bones, rabbits, iguanas, and people. The Measured Mom has an awesome tutorial on how you can make your own light box and x-ray sensory material.

Alternative Activity:

If you don’t have resources to do some X-ray play, take advantage of a cute Halloween or Dia de los Muertos Skeleton craft kit. Talk about what a skeleton is. It’s the frame that holds your body up.

What did your littles think of this activity? Was there another way you adapted it? Comment Below!

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