Best Bible Resources for Preschoolers

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A question I get asked frequently is what are our favorite Bible resources for littles 5 and under. So here they are! Storybook Bibles, songs, and more!

Best Storybook Bibles

Ages 0-18 months

Baby’s Little Bible(Spanish: Pequeña Biblia Para Bebes)

This was our first baby Bible, and when we started Baby Devotions, this is what we were using. The stories are very short, helping capture the attention of the tiniest learners, and the illustrations are simply lovely.

Tiny Truths Bible for Little Ones

I love this board book story book. The representation in this book is phenomenal. No white Jesus here. Plus it’s a board book perfect for those tiny book destroyers.

Ages 18 months-3 years

The Beginner’s Bible(Spanish: La Biblia Para Principiantes)

This Bible has beautiful, boldly colored illustrations keeping the attention of a busy toddler. Also, they keep the stories short, but a little more in-depth the the previously mentioned baby Bible. It also contains a lot more stories across both Old and New Testaments.

Ages 3+

The Jesus Storybook Bible(Spanish: Historias Biblicas de Jesus para Niños).

This books is a beautiful retelling of Old Testament Bible stories that shares where Jesus is throughout the Old Testament (contextualization for children). The pages are beautifully illustrated, and use simple language to make the stories relateable for little ears.

Children of God Storybook Bible

by Archbishop Desmond Tutu us a beautifully illustrated Storybook Bible. I have added this one to the list, because it is one of the few storybook Bibles on the market that has racial diversity amongst the characters. Representation is important, and this book fulfils that, not simply by making the “extras” diverse, but giving diversifying the heroes, such as David, Esther, and Jesus. You can find my full review of this Storybook Bible Here:Review of ‘Children of God Storybook Bible’ by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible

This is the Preschool version of the Tiny Truths Board Book Bible mentioned above. And let’s say we are blown away. The illustrations are gorgeous. And we love the diverse representation. The recommended age on Amazon is 2-6, but my kids attention spans definitely lended more towards 3+ because of how many words are on each page.

Other Books

The Baby Believer Series

The Baby Believer Series is such a beautiful resource. It is a board book series that introduces the little ones to the Word of God through emotions, animals, movement, and more

Generation Claimed

Generation Claimed is another wonderful board book series that enables parents to speak the promises of God over their children.

Baby Devotions Board Books

Baby Devotions Board Books were born out of the desire to create play-based bilingual resources that introduce littles to the Bible. You can get a copy in our Etsy Shop!

Libritos for the Heart

Libritos for the Heart are a fantastic resource for littles, using the Bible to introduce littles to new vocabulary in both Spanish and English.

The Very Best Bible Stories series

The Very Best Bible Stories Series is a fun way to share stories with littles that may have short attention spans. I originally bought a few to share with my Sunday School class, and they were such a wonderful investment. The Littles sit on the edge of their seats listening intently, everytime I pull one out. Best part? Select titles are now in Spanish!

Audio Resources

The Great Story from the Sacred Book

the Great Story from the Sacred Book is an Indigenous retelling of Bible Stories set for children. In the Native American Storytelling tradition, the audio Storybook Bible is a beautiful addition to a family’s library and a brilliant way to introduce scripture to young children.

Dan and Louie Stories

Dan and Louie Stories are basically an audio Bible for toddlers. Dan and his wooden puppet, Louie. Take children through the Bible, dramatically retelling stories. We love to listen to these in the car and at bedtime. They are great when we have a busier day, and even keep my distracted 2 year-old engaged.

The Jesus Storybook Audio Bible

Yes, there is an audio version of The Jesus Storybook Bible. We like this one, because ever story is connected back to Jesus.

With Harp and Lyre

With Harp and Lyre is a Minneapolis-based couple that started writing songs to sing scripture over their child. As your child listens, they learn scripture.

The Rizers

The Rizers is another band we love. They have more of a pop-rock sound, and each song is pure scripture.

The Bible Album

The Bible Album is an album that actually teaches the Bible to little ones, showing the need for a savior.For more of our favorite Audio resources check out:


Little Big Heroes

Little Big Heroes (Spanish: Pequeños Heroes)We actually first learned of this group from their Spanish site, and they just recently started producing resources in English. What we love is their music videos. They work with Generacion 12 Kids to make videos of Bible Stories, and as kids learn the song, they learn the story.

Veggie Tales

We also love Veggie Tales. These talking vegetables have a fun way of contextualizing stories so that littles can understand.

Jelly Telly

Jelly Telly is a subscription site (like Netfilx) with Christian shows for Kids. They have 5-minute devotional videos, music videos, and videos just for fun.


Hello Bible

I have been a fan of Hello Bible since day 1, and when they came out with a toddler box, well I was just tickled. I love this subscription box’s approach to teaching little ones the Bible through play. They make it easy, and no prep for parents

Click Here to try the Hello Bible Subscription Box.

Sing and Play Big Bible Truths

Sing and Play Big Bible Truths is a beautiful resource for introducing toddlers to the Bible. Using songs, games, and simple worksheets, this resource is easily adaptable for the home and classroom.

Bible Time Fun

Bible Time Fun is an interactive family devotional, chocked full of activities to introduce your littles to the word of God.

Wise for Salvation

Wise for Salvation is a devotional by Christie Thomas geared toward 2-6 year-olds. Each day has a simple activity that walks children through a different Bible story.

Play Through The Bible

Play Through The Bible by Liz Millay is a wonderful curriculum featuring activities for children to learn the Bible in the way they learn best: play!

Little Seeds Co.

Little Seeds Co. Is Bible-themed sensory kits. These are perfect to easily get little ones exploring the Bible through play. We love how tactile the kits are, and that they really make sharing the Bible with your little one simple, but fun.

The Seed and Supply Co.

The Seed and Supply Co. Is a toy shop/resource to help little ones play with the Bible. Featuring printable curriculum and peg toys. This shop makes it easy to share the Bible with littles.

What are your favorite Bible resources for Children? Comment below!

For more resources check out:And

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