Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is a story of building and language mixing. The Lord mixed the languages to humble the people. Having a bilingual family, we see this played out everyday. It’s humbling to have miscommunications. It’s humbling to be speaking and find you said something incorrectly or even accidentally inappropriate. It’s humbling trying to raise bilingual babies. And it causes you to have to both give and receive grace. Which is why God humbled the people, so that they would remember their need for Him. This week we played through this story by building our own tower and listening to other languages.

The Story

We have this story in our Beginner’s Bible, and we read it there, but we also listened to it with our Dan and Louie Bible Stories. We love audio dramas and podcasts for our littles, because it engages them in a different form of learning, and works on listening skills.

Block Stacking

Of course, we had to play with blocks this week! The story is all about building a tower, and block play has so many benefits. It works on hand-eye coordination, builds fine-motor skills, and introduces math and engineering concepts. Adam & Mila is a great resource for learning more about the benefits of block play, as well as a guide to block-stacking milestones.


We love our Disney songs around here. And we love them a lot, because just about anything by Disney can be found in English and Spanish (guys, I basically have “Let It Go” memorized in Spanish and in English). Disney also has a lot of their songs available in other languages, so we utilized YouTube to listen to Disney songs in German, French, Italian, Japanese…we had a good time. It usually works to just type the name of the Disney song in the YouTube search bar, followed by the language you are looking for (ex. “Let It Go German Version”). You could choose to do this, or check out some of our Multicultural Resources.

Did your child enjoy stacking blocks? What did they think of listening to different languages? Comment below!

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