A Joyful Noise: A Toddler Devotion on Psalm 100:1

If there is anything toddlers no how to do, it is make noise. So this devotion was geared to give them a positive outlet for all that noise. Here we made some noise, and praised together as a family.

Make A Joyful Noise

First we read the verse, “Make a joyful noise, all the Earth.”- Psalm 100:1 (ESV). I briefly explained that this could sound like singing praise music. Then I introduced our activity.


I filled a basket with all sorts of musical instruments. We had a kids guitar, a small drum, kazoos, shakers, and a rain stick.

I let them explore the instruments and make their own music for a bit. Then I turned on some praise music, which of course led to a toddler dance party.

If you need some recommendations for praise music both you and your kids will love, check out: Our Favorite Christian Kids Bands and Our Favorite Christian Kids Bands In Spanish.

What is your favorite praise band? What did your family think of this devotion? Comment below!

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