God Made Man: A Sensory Play Devotion

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God made man out of dust. Doesn’t that just scream sensory play. Introducing your child to this story can be super simple. All you need is a Bible (we use The Beginner’s Bible) and some moon sand.

What you need:

  • Bible or Baby Bible
  • Moon Sand (recipe below).*

*kinetic sand would be another great alternative.


Read the story where God created Adam and Eve (Genesis 2: 4-25).


Then break out the moon sand.

Moon Sand Recipe

  • 8 cup white flour
  • 1 cup oil

Mix together until desired consistency. Add more flour if too wet. Add more oil if too dry.

Moon sand is dry and dusty, but super moldable and fun. It’s a great way to illustrate God molding Adam from the dust. Talk about it with your child as you play, and then just play and have fun. We like to throw in spoons, cookie cutters, and sand molds for our play.


The book Love Made by Quina Aragon, is the perfect addition to this story. It shares how God made all of creation out of his overflowing love, and that included people, even you and me.

Let me know how this devotion worked for you! Comment below.

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