10 Devotional and Bible Study Resources for Mamas

Before I had kids I had a daily rhythm where I would start the day with a good 45 minutes of time in prayer and the Word. I’d curl up with a hot cup of coffee and my Bible and just spend time with the Lord. Then Motherhood hit, and between toddler tantrums and blowouts, some days I can forget about a hot cup of coffee, much less 45 minutes just to read and think! Motherhood can be hard and exhausting. That’s why it’s so important to stay anchored in God’s Word. However, more often than not, the demands of motherhood make it feel impossible to actually sit down and read. And when the stars align and my children are actually napping at the same time, my brain can be too fried to focus. It’s hard. That’s why I created this list. 10 Devotional and Bible Study resources I have found useful and doable with 2-under-2 life.

I Am Challenge

by Melody Olson

This study walks you through the “identity” verses of the Bible. The ones that talk about who we are in Christ. Taking one verse a day, this study encourages you to speak the verse over yourself and share it with others.

At the Feet of Jesus

by Joanna Weaver

Joanna Weaver is a phenomenal author. I love all of her books, but motherhood has not render me with lots of time to read. However, this devotional is perfect! Super short daily devotions, I can read while rocking a baby to sleep, or while waiting for my toddler’s chicken nuggets to cook.


by Lysa Terkhurst

Lysa Terkhurst is another author I love. Her books help explore the power truths of the Bible, and this devotional is no different. 100 entries, exploring where God is in our life.

My Utmost for His Highest

by Oswald Chambers

This is the classic devotional on the list. And I added it, because it is short, but deep. Every devotion is only about 1-2 pages (on my phone’s kindle app), but they explore deep truths of the Bible, challenge us to glorify God in our everyday, in even the mundane.

The Bible Binge

The Bible Binge is a podcast that talks about the Bible in a relateable way. Each week, they take a Bible story and break it down in pop-culture terms (not to be sacrilegious, but to make it more relateable). At the end they have a Bible scholar sit down and check what was discussed. This podcast definitely isn’t for little ears, because they are talking about the Bible and a lot of stuff is not G rated. However, I love this podcast for days when I am just too exhausted to read for myself and really just need a good laugh, and something to remind myself that I am an adult and don’t just have to listen to the Moana soundtrack. This is a good self-care podcast filled with laughs and the Word.

Well Watered Women

Well Watered Women is a company that aims to equip women with tools to really engage with God’s world and grow in their spiritual walk. They have resources for purchase (like journals and wall art), but they also have some free Bible Study tools available as well. These tools can be useful to help focus and read God’s word when we are tired and don’t know where to start.

Risen Motherhood

Risen Motherhood is a podcast whose goal is to point moms to where the Gospel is in motherhood. They also have some free Bible Study resources, specifically a print-out to guide you in journaling through your Bible Study, as well as a book mark version, for times your really can’t sit down and journal. They also have a kids version of these resources!

Whatever Is Lovely

Whatever is lovely is a coloring devotional featuring short verses and paraphrases to anchor your mind. As you color (which is actually pretty therapuetic) you can meditate on the scripture.

Big and Little Coloring Devotional

This is another coloring devotional, but it’s one you can do with your kids! Each devotion features a simpler page with a scripture verse for your child to color, and a more complex page with a devotion for you. If you have a little who loves to color, I highly recommend this devotional.

Messy Tired Love

This blog is buy a busy mom, for busy moms. Beautifully written, these short devotions are meant to connect you with the Gospel for your every day.

What resources have you found helpful to stay anchored in the Word? Comment Below.

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