Praying for the Global Church with Kids

Pentecost is coming up, and it is one of the first signs the the Good News of Jesus was not just for some, but for all people. When the apostles began to speak in tongues it was to declare to ever person in their heart language the Gospel. This was followed by more accounts that lead to Christianity being spread around the globe.

As we lead up to Pentecost, let’s take some time to teach our littles about the Global Church and pray for our brothers and sisters around the world.

Why Pray for the Global Church

First of all, why is this important? I’d say it’s because Christ came not for just a few people, but the whole world! ]And with that, the Church is made of many different cultures and languages, each bringing their own influence to the table. When we explore this concept with our children, we decenter the narrative that Church has to look one way. We show our children that God’s Kingdom is so diverse and all have a space. We show them there are many ways to worship and give them the opportunity to appreciate the diversity within the body of Christ.

Tips for Praying with Littles

I will never claim to do this perfectly, but the more I have tried to listen and learn from both professionals in international development, and people who have been affected by traditional Church work, these are some practices we have incorporated into our own prayer times.

1. Keep the focus on nationals from the region you are praying for and the work of the local church.

Often churches have missionaries they are supporting that they encourage church members to pray for. And though mission work can be important, it should always be in support of the local church in their region. When we only focus on missionaries and not Christians from the region, we may accidentally give the impression that there are no Christians in the area or dismiss a Christian heritage that has already laid a foundation. When we do this it can support a false ‘saviorism’ narrative. In our prayer times we like to focus on the stories of Christians from the region we are praying for, and when we pray for our missionary friends we ask God would guide them in supporting the work already being done.

2. Find ways to financially support the church in the region you are praying for.

There’s a saying ‘put your money where your mouth is,’ and I find this especially appropriate when we talk about praying for the nations. When we financially support trustworthy organizations operating in the countries we are praying for, we play a role in seeing those prayers answered. Charity Navigator is an excellent tool for finding reputable organizations to support.

3. Find ways to support your local immigrant community.

This may look like donating to local immigrant resource centers in your area. This may also look like supporting immigrant-owned businesses in your community. Often praying for the global Church means we want to teach our littles a little about the culture from that region. If you have access to international groceries or restaurants in your area, take the time to shop and support them. If this is not available, you may consider searching for food and culture blogs by people from that region. Then share their content!Adding traffic to their page is also a way to support.

Recommended Resources

I have found that having a few resources on hand can be helpful when seeking to teach littles about the global church. Below I’ve gathered some that we have used and may be helpful for your family.

My Breakfast with Jesus

This book by Tina Cho is pure gold. Travel around the world to see what Christians around the world eat for breakfast, and how they worship Jesus. (Ages 3+)

God’s Dream

This board book by Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a beautiful tool for engaging littles in understanding God’s love for the whole world. (Ages 2+)

The Big Book of Christians Around the World

This book takes children to different countries, showing littles the Christian heritage in countries other than their own. (Ages 4+)

Window on the World

Spanish Edition: Ventana al Mundo

This book is the kids version of a tool we used in my undergrad to learn about Christianity around the world. I appreciate that this book shares the work of the local church in each country. (Ages 6+)

Open Door Kids

Open Doors is known for their advocacy work on behalf of Christians in countries where the Gospel cannot be openly preached. This website has age-appropriate resources for introducing children to the underground church. (Ages 6+)

Around the World–Daily Grace Co.

So, I will admit I haven’t actually used this resource yet, but it has come highly recommended from many. It travels around the world sharing about Christian work in other countries. (Ages 5+)

Compassion Explorer Magazine

Compassion International has a number of faith based activities, stories, and devotions for teaching littles about children around the word. There resources cover topics from cultural differences to fighting global hunger. (Ages 5+)

Our Big Neighborhood

This faith-filled resource from Color and Kindness uses books and activities to introduce littles to different countries around the world. (Ages 5+)

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